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Your Natural Summertime Survival Kit

Do You Have A Summertime Survival Kit?

Sea Turtle Sunning on BeachSummer is in full-swing in the Western hemisphere, and for many of us that means we are more active in the outdoors, in the sunshine, out in nature and in our own backyards. If this sounds like your family, then you already know that more time outside in the summer months also means there is more possibility for sunburns, irritating or painful bug bites, scrapes and bruises and other injuries. For this reason, you may consider keeping a summertime survival kit handy, with the natural products your family might need in the case of an unplanned run-in with nature.

Keep these items on hand for quick relief when needed:

  • Aloe Vera gel or Calendula spray can soothe the pain of sunburns. Of course, preventing sunburns with a natural, paraben-free sunscreen is essential.
  • Homeopathic Anacardium for itchy and painful rashes caused by poison oak and poison ivy.
  • Neem or Citronella essential oils for natural insect repellents. Absolutely avoid any product that contains DEET, as it is considered a potent neurotoxin with many known side-effects.
  • Arnica for bruises, soreness and aches and pains. Rub Arnica gel on the tender area for natural pain relief.

For more natural tips and tricks for a safe summertime outdoors, check out Natural Remedies for Summertime First Aid.

Cheers to a safe, natural and joyful summer in the sun!

Image Credit: Grace Long

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