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Why We Do What We Do

Why We Do What We Do

A word from Timothy Long, Naturopathic Counselor and Founder of Long Natural Health

If we were simply bodies made up of molecules and atoms, obtaining great health would be a whole lot easier. But, instead, we are a complex matrix of a material body, a powerful life-force complete with feelings and emotions, a multi-faceted mind, and an ever evolving spirit. When we commit to living a life of good health, we embark upon a journey to create balance and well-being – quite simply put, finding a way of living that is whole, holy, sacred – one with Nature.

Timothy Long, Founder
Timothy Long, Founder

There is a lot for us to ponder on each day, from getting enough sunshine and exercise, to choosing whole, pure foods, to making sure we feed our hearts and minds as well. What we take into our beings, all the things that we eat/drink/breathe/see/feel/sense, determines what kind of life we lead – hopefully, happy fulfilling lives, and strong in body and mind. These things even contribute to finding and engaging in our unique mission, our life’s work here on earth. The stakes are high.

For over 25 years, in working with clients as a practitioner, I have realized the importance of helping people by nurturing and caring for the whole person. This is why I created Long Natural Health. Because the fact is, in today’s world, we have a lot of choices, a lot to consider and a lot to manage.

Dietary supplements are one of the many gifts we have to help us regain our health and strengthen our constitution. Choosing herbs, vitamins, minerals and other formulas can certainly feel like a daunting task. And unfortunately, it has become so. There is a vast assortment of products, from many manufacturers, with a variety of ingredients, sourced from around the world, and sold by a plethora of distributors and stores. Plus we have different delivery systems, different doses, different standards – whew, so much to learn! And then there is sophisticated advertising and even false claims.

Call me a supplement geek, but this is what I love to do: research manufacturers, find unique products, review their ingredients, ensure sustainability and then share everything that I know to help empower you. Because what we put into our bodies needs to be a conscious choice – one that resonates for the body, mind, emotions and spirit.

My team and I are proud to be your source for quality, consciousness and outstanding service. Here’s to your long and healthy life.


LNH Team

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