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What good sleep means & how to get more of it

What good sleep means & how to get more of it

Sleep is something we do 1/3 of our lives. Yet, we don’t pay much attention to this process. That is, until we can’t sleep well anymore. 

Most of us think we know what good sleep is, but do we? Every time I speak to an audience and have them raise their hand whether they have sleep issues or not, I see an amazing thing: once I explain what good sleep is, a LOT more people raise their hands.

What is good sleep?

Good sleep means different things to different people, though there are three main parameters:

  • Sleep initiation: It’s easy to fall asleep when you go to bed.
  • Sleep continuation: You sleep through the night, or if you wake up once, you go back to sleep easily.
  • Sleep quality: You wake up feeling refreshed in the morning and have good energy throughout the day.

All else from here on is a variation of these three parameters. Good sleep is also when you sleep seven and a half to nine hours per night. We tend to sleep in 90-minute cycles, so that would give us five to six cycles (the people who sleep six hours and feel well are rare). As you lie in bed, it takes you no longer than 30 minutes to fall asleep (ideally 10 to 20), but also not faster than 10 minutes. If it takes too long to fall asleep, you have onset insomnia; if it takes too little time, you are likely sleep deprived.

The number 1 sleep tip that helps people:

There are many different ways to help you heal your sleep. But if I needed to pick one thing that likely will help you, it’s this: when you are having trouble sleeping, focus on resting and not on trying to fall asleep

There is this saying (pretty annoying for people who can’t sleep well): What do people who sleep well do? Nothing. They do nothing. They go to bed and they don’t try to do anything. 

Sleep happens naturally, and as soon as we try to sleep, using our will to make it happen, we get the opposite response. We start worrying, feeling stressed and anxious. 

My top 3 supplements for a stressed nervous system:

Healing your sleep is a complex process, but here are the top 3 supplements that help most of my patients:

  1. Magnesium Threonate: We have many different types of magnesium, but this is the one that crosses the blood brain barrier. You can take it through the day, but take the largest dose at night. 
  2. L-theanine: This is a wonderful amino acid that works for anxiety and sleep issues. You can also take it throughout the day and in the evening. 
  3. Tranquilent: This is a combination product made of Inositol, L-theanine, and 5HTP (from Griffonia seed). This helps with both GABA and serotonin support so you can sleep better. This is typically taken at night. 

These are a few ways to put you on the right track for better sleep. If you want a free guide that goes deeper into the root causes of your sleep issues, get my FREE SLEEP GUIDE here. This guide goes straight to the top 3 root causes of why women can’t sleep, and what to do about it. 

Dr Damiana Corca