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Water Purification – Does Your Drinking Water Need Filtering?

Water Purification – Does Your Drinking Water Need Filtering?

Water purification could not be more important these days. Why? Because of agricultural run-off, fracking, toxic chemicals in municipal drinking water and industrial waste flowing into our rivers. We are drinking and bathing in a cocktail of toxic contaminants! And to compound the problem, we cannot always fully trust that our government officials are properly reporting the quality of our water. Given that we are to consume about a half-gallon of water per day, the time has come to not only be proactive environmentally, but to take on water purification ourselves!

What’s in Your Water?

That potent cocktail you are most likely drinking contains a wide variety of things that are undesirable. First off, we have sediment, scale, mold, bacteria, mildew and odor. Next we have chlorine, fluoride and other additives purported to be good for our health. Not so! And finally, we have a whole group of chemicals never meant to poison our drinking water but through pollution have contributed to ill health. These include heavy metals such as mercury and lead; pesticides and herbicides; nitrogen; radiation, even prescription drugs thrown down the toilet — the list is huge.

Pure Water Can Change Your Life

Water is a vital nutrient to the health of every cell in our body. It regulates our temperature, and helps us digest and transport nutrients. It then conveniently cleans our system by flushing out waste. And that’s only a start! To ensure quality of life for ourselves, we must consume water that builds life force not weakens it. Remember, humans are comprised of at least 60% water. Over time we will see the effects of bad water via the breakdown of our organs and bodily functions. Simply by filtering water we can have more energy and strengthen the body.

Let’s Not Forget Our Skin

Here is another built-in benefit. Chlorine can wreak havoc on the skin and scalp. Removing it from the water with a shower filter or bath ball is one of the simplest ways to beat dry, itchy skin. Your hair will be shinier and softer too. Don’t be surprised if you see results almost immediately.

The Problem with Chlorine

And we would be remiss not to mention sinus and lung irritation. Research confirms that chlorine is absorbed into the body during a shower. According to Dr. Lance Wallace of the Environmental Protection Agency, “Showering is suspected as the primary cause of elevated chloroform (a known carcinogen) in nearly every home because of the chlorine in shower water. Chloroform blood levels increase up to 100 times during a ten-minute shower in residential tap water.” Remove the chlorine and you’ll breathe easier.

In fact, if you are using a humidifier or vaporizer, it is important to use water that has been purified to avoid breathing in unwanted contaminants.

Water Purification Solutions

The good news is that Long Natural Health offers a wide variety of water filtration products for every budget and need. We have a tried and true collection of whole-house water filters, a countertop, and under counter unit, plus shower and bath filters. Clean, vibrant water makes everyone happy: people, plants, pets and humidifiers! Give us a call. We will help you choose a convenient and affordable purification system to meet your goals. www.longnaturalhealth.com


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