Vitamin D Deficiency – 4 Signs You May Need a Boost

Vitamin D Deficiency – 4 Signs You May Need a Boost

Are You Getting Enough Vitamin D?

Now that we’re headed out of the darkest winter months, there’s a good chance you could be suffering from a Vitamin D deficiency. As Vitamin D is synthesized by the body when the skin is exposed to natural sunlight, lack of daylight and layers of winter clothing make it difficult for you to produce enough on your own.

VD 3In addition to a lack of exposure to sunlight, other things that can be a factor in a Vitamin D deficiency include living at a higher altitude, having dark skin, and bathing immediately after sun exposure. If you think you may be lacking, you’ll want to consider having your Vitamin D levels tested.

Vitamin D Deficiency – What are Some signs?

Lowered Mood
A tendency toward depression in the winter months, while having no issues in the summer, is a good indicator that you’re affected by the lack of sunlight. According to the Vitamin D Council, there is a direct link between the lack of the vitamin the blood and a person’s tendency toward depression.

Frequent Colds
A depleted immune system is another indicator of a lack of Vitamin D. It plays a profound role in regulating the immune system, and when deficient, you’re less able to fight off colds when exposed. As people spend a lot of time inside together in the winter, a weakened immune system is the reason why colds and flues spread so rampantly this time of year.

Weakness & Fatigue
If you’re getting enough sleep, eating well, and yet still feel weak and tired, supplementation of a quality Vitamin D product can be a very effective remedy. Anyone diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome would do well to have their levels checked. If it turns out a Vitamin D deficiency is present supplementation will have a significant impact on not only energy levels, but muscle control and strength as well.

Chronic Pain
Often times, people who are diagnosed with fibromyalgia may simply be Vitamin D deficient and have a condition known as osteomalacia, which is basically painful or achy in bones. This is due to the Vitamin D Deficiency causing a defect in assimilation of calcium into the collagen matrix into your bones, resulting in a throbbing-type pain.

Quality Vitamin D Supplements

If you want to give Vitamin D supplementation a try, it’s important to make sure you’re getting a quality product. Below are a couple of the options available at Long Natural Health.

PRD3Premier Research Labs D3 Serum packs a powerful punch. A single drop contains 1,000 IU, and the 15 ml bottle contains over 600 drops! This is an ideal option for someone who only needs a little boost.

PE VDFor someone who is looking to improve a significant deficiency, we suggest Pure Encapsulations 10,000 IU vcaps. It’s definitely recommended to have your levels tested before taking such a large dose, but if you know you need it, Pure Encapsulations provides a top-quality option for you.


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