Think Dirty and Live Healthy

Think Dirty and Live Healthy

How Often Do You Think Dirty?

Thinking dirty isn’t something often recommended as a means to a healthier life, but we at Long Natural Health think it should be. However, before your mind wanders too far toward the gutter, allow us to explain.

Think Dirty mobile appThink Dirty is a new mobile app designed to help consumers like you make the healthiest choice you can when shopping for cosmetic and personal care products. By using the app while you shop, you are able to make an informed decision about the products you choose to put on your body.

Your skin is your largest organ, and it absorbs 60% of what it touches. The lotions, creams, soaps, etc you put on it end up inside your body, traveling through your blood and organs. Anyone concerned with maintaining optimal health will want to be conscious of everything that can enter the body in this manner.

Why is Shopping Clean Important?

You may have already known that your skin absorbs the majority of what it touches, but perhaps you’re not sure that’s a reason to be concerned. After all, the human body has systems designed for eliminating things it doesn’t want. Is it really that big of a deal that we pay such close attention to every ingredient of every product we use?

Think Dirty Mobile appTo put it simply, yes it is. Many personal care products, such as shampoo and bodywash, contain chemicals that are considered hormone disruptors and these chemicals may have a possible link to breast cancer. This is because the cosmetics industry is not regulated in the same way food and drugs are, so it’s pretty much a free-for-all when it comes to ingredients.

A lot of people follow the practice of “if I wouldn’t eat it, I won’t put it on my skin.” You may not need to go that far, but it’s sensible to keep anything considered toxic as far away from your skin as you would your mouth.

I’m Thinking Dirty – Now What?

Hopefully you’ve downloaded the Think Dirty app and are on your way to to being more conscious about what you put on your skin. Maybe you’re even wondering if there are any effects from the products you’ve been using that could be a cause for concern. As there have been potential hormonal concerns related to personal care products, you might consider an at-home test that will give you a clear picture of any hormonal concerns you may have.

At, you’ll find comprehensive tests for anyone wanting to understand his or her body more completely, not only someone concerned about personal-care-product use. Below are the male and female hormone profiles, which are designed to assess your overall hormonal status, giving you a complete picture of your hormonal status allowing you to fully address any imbalances you may have.

Hormone assessment Long Natural Health

Hormone profile Long Natural HealthHormone profile Long Natural Health

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