The Best Supplements & Advice for Preventing Cold & Flu

Boost Your Immunity to Avoid Getting a Cold or Flu

cold or fluThe following is a list of advice and supplements you can take to decrease your chances of suffering with the cold or flu this winter.

  1. Increase vitamin D. If you live in areas that are moving into the fall and winter, with daylight hours diminishing and no longer being out in strong sunshine on plenty of bare skin, boost your vitamin D3. Children especially need increased vitamin D3. Most adults will want to begin taking 3000 to 5000 IUs daily. As the winter months begin, increase to 5000 to 8000 daily. If you are getting a cold or flu, you can easily double these amounts for some days until it passes.
  2. Del Immune V is also another important product for building immunity and fighting colds. Take 1-2 caps morning and night, and if you are getting a cold or flu you can easily double or triple that amount. Another way is to take 1 capsule every hour for up to 12 a day.
  3. Increase fluid intake and moisture in your environment. As you begin using heat in your cars and homes, it is necessary to stay hydrated by drinking more fluids, as well as using some form of vaporizer or humidifier to add moisture to your home and office. This will help prevent colds, throat and sinus irritation.
  4. Take a whole-food vitamin C like Premier Research Labs Vitamin C. This product is very easily absorbed by the body, as opposed to taking mega-doses of synthetic vitamin C often found on store shelves. Best to take this product morning and night, 2 to 6 caps a day.
  5. Add a daily probiotic. High-quality probiotics like Delpro or Pure Encapsulations Probiotic GI are very important supplement for strengthening your body’s defenses. I want to remind everyone that Del Immune V is not a live probiotic, although Delpro is. Delpro does have a small amount of Del Immune in it, 1/3 of the capsule.
  6. Use super immune booster, Premier Colostrum-IgG. Finally, in terms of supplements, all members of the family, especially children of all ages should be supplementing with this powerful infection fighter. It comes in caps or powder, and you can just add the powder to any food, including baby food. Do not heat it at a high temperature.
  7. Avoid excess sugar. One last important point: Sugar is known to almost immediately suppress the immune system. Sugar, junk food, and simple carbs break down your defenses and open the way to get colds and flu. So does emotional stress and lack of sleep.

Nursing a Cold or Flu

If you fail to prevent getting a cold or flu, and sometimes it just happens, these products are great to have on hand. As I have mentioned, use all of the above in higher amounts. You can also add products like Premier Nucleo Immune, Olive Leaf Immune and Oregano Oil works great to clear up colds, flu, congestion and mucus. Adults use 4 caps at a time on an empty stomach, 3-4x a day. Children can use less.

Get proactive about strengthening your immune defenses with these high quality supplements in addition to improving your diet.

May you be well and happy always!


LNH Team

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