The Benefits of Detoxing the Body with Premier Research Labs Products at Long Natural Health

We are excited to announce four new products for whole-body detoxification at Long Natural Health! Here are the benefits of detoxing the body with Premier Research Labs products.

Why Detox? 

Whole-body detoxification can promote the following:

  1. Boost immune system function
  2. Improve your energy level
  3. Remove excess waste or toxic particles from the body
  4. Improve your skin
  5. Decrease brain-fog for clearer thinking
  6. Increased sense of overall well-being

Premier Research Labs is at the forefront of the whole-food, natural supplement movement and continues to be one of our best-selling lines of products. Our customers love Premier Research Labs.

This week we are announcing four new products to our store:

Premier Research Labs Medi Body PackMedi-Body Pack

Premier Research Labs Medi-Body Pack contains premium-grade volcanic clay, bentonite clay and cleansing herbs for rapid, beneficial cleansing of targeted body areas. Supports healthy circulation and lymphatic flow; helps ease muscle tension; promotes full body rejuvenation by initiating the “thermal effect”, a deep, intrinsic cellular cleansing effect.

Premier Research Labs Detox-NDHM-ND

Premier HM-ND from Premier Research Labs is a botanical supplement for whole body detoxification and waste particle cleansing support. The nanized complexes in HM-ND deliver impressive support for heavy metal detoxification. This product may be useful support for both children and adults, especially those with brain fog, learning, behavioral or memory challenges.

Premier Research Labs Medi Clay-FXMedi-Clay-FX

Premier Research Labs Medi-Clay-FX is a rare clay believed to be the only known bentonite sourced from the site of an ancient underwater volcanic eruption that was flushed with fresh water for millions of years. Clay has a long, worldwide history of outstanding, health-promoting effects. Promotes whole body detoxification.

Read more about why you should choose Premier Research Labs products here.

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