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The Adrenal Glands: Chronic Stress and the Affect on Your Health

Dealing with Chronic Stress

In other words, adrenal function is the first place to look when you have multiple symptoms of hormonal imbalance. When you’re stressed at twenty-five, you go to a yoga class, sleep it off, or call a good friend or maybe even your mother. When you’re forty-five, chronic and repetitive stress cranks up your cortisol until your adrenals can’t make enough, then your thyroid slows down and your joints get cranky, and as a result, your knee may hurt too much to go to yoga. When you’re stressed, your thyroid abruptly slows down production of the key thyroid hormones— and you feel cold and achy and your hair falls out. Then you develop extreme PMS because high cortisol from stress blocks your progesterone receptors, and perhaps you develop progesterone resistance. You rage and may want a divorce. Next month, because your ovaries are semiretired, you don’t ovulate and then your estrogen is low. Serotonin levels fall, and because serotonin manages sleep, appetite, and mood, you become an insomniac, which worsens your depression and ramps up your appetite. -Dr. Sara Gottfried

Does this sound like you? If not you, maybe it sounds like someone you know. What Dr. Sara Gottfried has shared may sound a bit drastic, although a large majority of our society suffers with some version of symptoms above! Other symptoms and health problems that indicate adrenal support may be needed are low energy, exhaustion, trauma, mood disorders, sugar imbalances, high anxiety or panic attacks. Unfortunately, the common Western lifestyle exacerbates the stress on our bodies and our adrenal glands.

What Contributes to Chronic Stress?

By now, everyone has in the very least heard about the dangers of our high sugar and carbohydrate intake. Caffeine and alcohol play a role too. Yes, how we eat and what we drink regularly affects the entire system including the function of the adrenal glands. However, reflect also on your relationship with nature, cell phones and computers and your loving relationships with others. If you have experienced emotional traumas, are disconnected from nature, overuse technology, and lack peace and quality time with those you love and those that love you, then your adrenal glands are likely overworked and can be linked to the source of your health problems.

In sharing this with you, it is our hope at Long Natural Health that you increase your awareness around chronic stress and how your lifestyle affects your mind, your body, and your spirit. It’s not enough to eat well and to exercise (although this is SO important!) Caring for yourself properly also involves caring for your heart, calming your mind and nurturing your spirit.

If you believe adrenal fatigue may be at the root of your health concerns, there are ways you can restore your adrenal glands to health. Read more about proper supplementation with Premier AdrenaVen, Premier Adaptogen-R3 and others, along with other guidelines for optimal adrenal function in my article Adrenal Glands, Adrenal Fatigue and Reducing Anxiety and Stress.

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