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Protein Powders: Vegetarian Diets vs. Animal Protein Diets

Protein Powders, Vegetarian vs Animal Diets

The Difference Between Animal and Vegetarian Diets

Based on thirty years of study and working with clients, I am very wary of diets that eliminate all animal source food. There can definitely be cleansing and healing benefits short-term, often a lift in energy, though long-term I consistently see people’s health deteriorate on pure vegetarian diets.

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Plant Enzymes: The Key to Proper Digestion

plant enzymes fruits and vegetables

What are Plant Enzymes?

Plant enzymes exist in all foods found in nature. When foods are picked at the peak of ripeness, they’re naturally rich with healthy enzymes which help the food digest in the body before our own digestive processes even begin. Unfortunately, the common Western diet has evolved such that raw foods contain… Read more »

Premier Canadian Gold Honey, Unprocessed, Raw and Delicious

Unprocessed Raw Honey For Better Health

Raw, unprocessed honey has been consumed around the world as a natural sweetener for thousands of years. Today, most of the honey found on traditional supermarket shelves has been ultra-processed, leaving a sugary substance devoid of virtually all healthy or medicinal components. Vitamins, minerals, enzymes, powerful anti-oxidants… Read more »

My Favorite Health Supplement Is Premier Max B-ND

I am an avid supporter of the natural health supplements sold at Long Natural Health for three key reasons:

First and foremost, I trust Timothy’s meticulousness as he hand-picks the products for his shelves, always ensuring the highest quality ingredients. Secondly, for over four years I have taken a variety vitamins and supplements from Long… Read more »

How Safe and Effective are Your Vitamins?


Earlier this month, the New York State attorney general’s office issued cease and desist letters to four major retailers after it was discovered they were selling fraudulent and potentially dangerous herbal supplements to unsuspecting customers. The retailers, which included GNC, Target, Walgreens and Walmart, were ordered to remove the products from their shelves.

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Healthy Cleansing and Detox Products for the New Year

Did you set an intention to become healthier in the new year? Many people make a resolution to become healthier in the new year with improved diet and lifestyle choices. The good news is that there seems to be a shift happening in terms of how people are viewing health. Rather than crash diets… Read more »

9 Tips if You’re Feeling The Winter Blues, Moody and Depressed

This time of year especially can bring on sad, moody, depressed feelings. You may just feel out of sorts, anxious and stressed with all the Holidays, snow and cold. The days are dark, the sun goes down early and you might just want to stay in bed all day. Some people begin to crave carbs… Read more »