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7 Delicious Treats for Better Sleep

sweets treats for sleep

Has Your Dessert Been Getting in the Way of Better Sleep?

Most of us are aware of the sweet treats that affect our sleep and cause insomnia, but every once in awhile we ignore all wise things and indulge in something like ice cream chocolate cake topped with heavy whipped cream. You get the message,… Read more »

Plant Enzymes: The Key to Proper Digestion

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What are Plant Enzymes?

Plant enzymes exist in all foods found in nature. When foods are picked at the peak of ripeness, they’re naturally rich with healthy enzymes which help the food digest in the body before our own digestive processes even begin. Unfortunately, the common Western diet has evolved such that raw foods contain… Read more »

Poor Absorption: Improve Your Health with Better Digestion

Nutrient Deficiency

You may eat a clean, organic, nutrient-dense diet, but if your digestive system isn’t functioning properly, you might still be nutrient-deficient. Poor absorption due to a poorly functioning digestive system is not an uncommon issue, and luckily there are things you can do in order to improve digestive functioning.

Symptoms of Poor Nutrient Absorption

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Eat Your Vegetables, Improve Your Health!


We know we should eat them, and yet to get the recommended amount of greens each day (4-5 servings!) we would certainly need every meal and at least one snack a day to include a serving of vegetables. I do my best to get my greens at each meal, adding spinach to my… Read more »

Eating with the Seasons

In our supermarket culture, where produce is shipped around the world and in stock all year long, it can be difficult or confusing to determine which foods are in season at what time. One might ask, if we can get the same fruits and veggies all year long, why would we want to limit… Read more »

The Quality of Your Life Matters

How are you feeling today? In this moment, as you sit reading this page?

From moment to moment, how we feel and how we experience the world is shifting. But how often do you tune in, to really find out how you’re doing?

If you had to ask yourself about the quality of your… Read more »