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7 Delicious Treats for Better Sleep

sweets treats for sleep

Has Your Dessert Been Getting in the Way of Better Sleep?

Most of us are aware of the sweet treats that affect our sleep and cause insomnia, but every once in awhile we ignore all wise things and indulge in something like ice cream chocolate cake topped with heavy whipped cream. You get the message,… Read more »

Magnesium – Symptoms of Deficiency and Benefits

Quick Facts About Magnesium Everyone Needs to Know

Everybody seems to be talking about magnesium lately! You might say it has become the “star” of the mineral world. Why? Because magnesium is linked to more than 700 bodily functions. However, 75 – 80% of Americans are still lacking in this precious nutrient. Here are some… Read more »

Why You Need Trace Minerals

Minerals play a role in almost every part your body’s functions. Minerals like calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, selenium, potassium, sodium, phosphorous and manganese allow every system in your body to function properly and contribute to your well-being.

Minerals are vital to maintaining a healthy digestive process, a stable mood, decreasing anxiety and depression, regulating the… Read more »

Health Concerns? Get Results with At-Home Tests

At-Home Tests for Optimal Health

At Long Natural Health, we have a variety of simple, at-home tests that cover a wide range of symptoms. If you have questions about any of the tests you see below, please contact our office at 303-845-1827!

Do you suffer from digestive issues like irritable bowel, constipation, burping, heartburn, bloating… Read more »

How to Resolve Sleep and Insomnia Issues

Help For Sleep and Insomnia Issues

Sleep and insomnia issues can be caused by medical conditions such as sleep apnea, hormonal imbalances, and heart and lung disease. It would be best to visit an acupuncturist specializing in sleep or a natural health doctor to treat such medical conditions. Though the evidence suggests avoiding sleep medications,… Read more »

Radiation Poisoning: What You Need to Know

Radiation Poisoning: A Modern-Day Threat

In 2011, a catastrophic event occurred in Japan when nuclear power plant, Fukushima Daiichi became a nuclear disaster. While morning and evening news coverage of the disaster has dwindled over the last couple of years, it is important that we remain aware of the dangers of nuclear radiation poisoning that… Read more »

Trace Minerals: 8 Reasons Why You Should Take Them Everyday

Trace Minerals: An Essential Component of Health

Did you know that trace minerals are an essential part of a healthy, balanced body? Mineral deficiency can have a dramatic effect on your mood, blood pressure, memory, pH balance and much more.

Here are 8 reasons minerals should be a part of your daily supplement program:

    Read more »

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Zinc

Zinc: Understanding this Essential Mineral

Zinc is a healing mineral. It is imperative to our health and like many other fundamental vitamins and minerals, so often overlooked. Unfortunately, our food supply has become a inadequate source of zinc due to poor remineralization of our soil and the refining of much of the food in the… Read more »