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Need Help With Digestive Issues?

Suffering with digestive issues

You Don’t Have to Suffer From Digestive Issues

Do you suffer from digestive issues like irritable bowel, constipation, burping, heartburn, bloating and gas? Do you have chronic diarrhea, stomach pain or cramping? For some, symptoms like burping and gas after meals have become so commonplace that one might think this is your body’s normal reaction… Read more »

Health Concerns? Get Results with At-Home Tests

At-Home Tests for Optimal Health

At Long Natural Health, we have a variety of simple, at-home tests that cover a wide range of symptoms. If you have questions about any of the tests you see below, please contact our office at 303-845-1827!

Do you suffer from digestive issues like irritable bowel, constipation, burping, heartburn, bloating… Read more »

How Reducing Stress Can Help 17 Health Problems

Would Reducing Stress Improve Your Health?

We have all heard that stress wreaks havoc on our bodies, yet for many of us, hearing this has not been enough to make a shift toward reducing stress and living a healthier, happier life. This infographic details many of the ways stress affects our physical bodies including… Read more »

Heal Your Gut: Not All Probiotics are Created Equal

Probiotics and Gut Health

Recently on the blog we have gone back to basics of health education by discussing digestion and the importance of good digestion in overall health. Many people, particularly in the Western world, suffer with digestive problems and rely on over the counter medications like antacids to relieve discomfort after meals. This… Read more »

Don’t Sacrifice Flavor: Great Gluten Free Snacks and Meals

Gluten Free Snacks and Meals

Creating gluten free snacks and meals can certainly be a challenge initially, but I don’t believe it should always be that way. Start by focusing on the foods you eat that are naturally gluten free (there are so many!) and then find items you can eat in place of your normal… Read more »