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Magnesium – Symptoms of Deficiency and Benefits

Quick Facts About Magnesium Everyone Needs to Know

Everybody seems to be talking about magnesium lately! You might say it has become the “star” of the mineral world. Why? Because magnesium is linked to more than 700 bodily functions. However, 75 – 80% of Americans are still lacking in this precious nutrient. Here are some… Read more »

Balancing Your Body’s pH Levels for Optimal Health

Balanced pH Levels Mean a Healthier You

Balancing your pH levels will help with weight issues, mood balancing, skin conditions, digestive issues, muscle and nerve tension, anxiety and stress conditions, bone and joint issues, arthritis, preventing and curing all kinds of illnesses. Correcting your pH balance will help you overcome the body’s cravings for sugar, caffeine,… Read more »

The Importance of a Good Night’s Sleep

good night's sleep

We all feel great after a full night of sleep, but did you know that the importance of a good night’s sleep goes well beyond just improving your mood? A good nights sleep is key to living a happy, healthy lifestyle. Getting those elusive 7-9 hours a night can benefit your heart, weight, mind and… Read more »

My Favorite Health Supplement Is Premier Max B-ND

I am an avid supporter of the natural health supplements sold at Long Natural Health for three key reasons:

First and foremost, I trust Timothy’s meticulousness as he hand-picks the products for his shelves, always ensuring the highest quality ingredients. Secondly, for over four years I have taken a variety vitamins and supplements from Long… Read more »

DHA: The Health Benefits of this Essential Fatty Acid

Docosahexaenoic acid, or DHA as it’s commonly known, is an essential fatty acid, or healthy fat that is necessary for healthy functioning of the human body. This omega-3 fatty acid is a primary structural component of the human brain, skin, sperm, testicles and retina. DHA, along with other essential fatty acids, are critical fats critical for both neuron structure… Read more »

Why You Need Trace Minerals

Minerals play a role in almost every part your body’s functions. Minerals like calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, selenium, potassium, sodium, phosphorous and manganese allow every system in your body to function properly and contribute to your well-being.

Minerals are vital to maintaining a healthy digestive process, a stable mood, decreasing anxiety and depression, regulating the… Read more »

Get Your Omega-3 Fats with Plant-Sourced DHA, Not Fish Oil

You’ve heard the hype about omega-3 fatty acids, except most of what you’ve heard is quite controversial and not recommended here at Long Natural Health. Let’s set the story straight.

Why DHA?

You do want to be certain you and your family a healthy amount of omega-3s in your diet. Here’s why: