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Balancing Your Body’s pH Levels for Optimal Health

Balanced pH Levels Mean a Healthier You

Balancing your pH levels will help with weight issues, mood balancing, skin conditions, digestive issues, muscle and nerve tension, anxiety and stress conditions, bone and joint issues, arthritis, preventing and curing all kinds of illnesses. Correcting your pH balance will help you overcome the body’s cravings for sugar, caffeine,… Read more »

Celebrate this Easter with Family Tradition

Family traditions are a unique hallmark of every family, passed on from generation to generation, from parent to child, and can be religious in nature, based on cultural heritage, or may simply exist for the sake of laughter and silliness among loved ones.

As we near Easter Sunday, take time to reflect on how traditions… Read more »

Spring Cleaning for Mind, Body and Spirit

spring cleaning

“Under the giving snow blossoms a daring spring.” Terri Guillemets

Friday marks the first day of spring, and along with the official shift in the season we often feel a sense of energy and renewal as we anticipate blossoming flowers and trees, bountiful gardens and longer, warmer days.

Just as the earth is alive and… Read more »

10 Quotations to Help You Find Happiness

Some Quotes to Brighten Up Your Day

There are days that we all need a little encouragement; a happiness reminder of sorts. It can be all too easy to lose our sense of perspective when life is hectic, when we feel stressed or bogged down in the details of our daily lives. If… Read more »

How to Get a Fresh Start for Your New Year!

Get a Fresh Start for Your New Year or Life!

The start of a new year, a birthday, an anniversary, or really any day you choose –  is an exciting time for many of us. We feel a sense of renewal, optimism and joy for a new beginning. It is natural to be excited about having… Read more »

Create Your New Year Intentions in Six Easy Steps

1. Review The Past Year 

Before you set your intentions for how you want your new year to be, take the time to review the past year. Sit down, reflect, review and write up all you accomplished in the past year. What goals did you meet? What steps, even small steps did you take towards… Read more »

Nourish Your Mind, Body and Spirit this Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving holiday marks the beginning of the holiday season, and while this time of year is bright with cheer, full of warmth and love, gratitude and gift-giving, it is also wrought with stressors. That’s why we advise you to nourish your mind, body and spirit this Thanksgiving with these tips:


  1. Slow down. Whether… Read more »

Achieving Optimal Health through Diet, Supplements & Transformational Counseling

Achieving Optimal Health Holistically

For over 25 years I have been working with clients as both a nutritional counselor, life counselor and psychotherapist. This has given me a unique perspective on the causes of ill-health and disease, how to best resolve physical and emotional health issues, and how to achieve optimal health.

There is no… Read more »