Resolving Shingles Naturally

Shingles: My Experience

Just a couple of weeks ago, I developed a case of shingles that ran across the left side of my body. I was truly dumbfounded! Twenty-eight years old, in good health, and shingles?

Right away, I knew a few things were true:

  1. I needed to get the outbreak under control right away to keep it from getting worse
  2. I wanted to avoid visiting a doctor if at all possible, and
  3. I needed a plan for managing stress more effectively

The internet can be a great companion, as long as you recognize that information you read about any subject can easily be untrue. With very few other options in this case, I turned to the internet to find out what others had done to treat their shingles naturally. What I found was a hodgepodge of home-remedies others had tried successfully. Knowing that everyone’s bodies will respond differently, I started with what I had on hand. I alternated between cold compresses of baking soda and water and apple cider vinegar and water and covered the areas with raw honey twice a day. Two days into the painful experience, the shingles had not gotten any worse, but they also did not seem to be getting better, so I got more creative and did more research.

What I Learned About Shingles

I found that the shingles virus lives in your spinal column (if you’ve ever had chicken pox) and is directly connected to your nervous system (hence the connection to stress!). In some cases, I read a chiropractic adjustment can be beneficial for those suffering with shingles as it re-aligns the back and releases any pinched nerves. I also realized I had Premier Oregano Oil and Premier Neem Bark on hand and did Google searches to find out if anyone had used these for treating shingles. Many people had!

On day three, I began applying the oregano oil and neem bark topically and also ingesting oregano oil (according to directions) in water. Because the oregano oil often stings when applied to skin, I only did this for short periods before showering or before getting in bed when I knew I’d be asleep and would not notice the slight burn.

On day four, I continued the mixture of oregano oil and neem bark, visited the chiropractor for a much-needed adjustment and also began taking Premier Olive Leaf Immune, which can be specifically used for treating the herpes virus.

By the end of day four, most of my shingles had turned from blisters into scabs. If you’ve ever had shingles, this moment is such a relief, as the blisters are incredibly uncomfortable and really make focusing on anything else impossible.

Ultimately, all of the natural remedies I used probably contributed to healing my shingles in just a few days. However, I feel strongly about the benefits of increasing my rest, visiting the chiropractor and adding Premier Olive Leaf Immune and Premier Oregano Oil daily. Going forward, I am still working on my plan for managing my stress more effectively (aren’t so many of us?), but I am aware it is a daily practice in making time for exercise, rest, creativity and loving connection with others. This experience was a reminder that I needed more of each of these things in my daily life.

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