Remembering Robin Williams: The Physical, Mental and Spiritual Approach for Helping Depression

Like so many people around the world, we at Long Natural Health are mourning the loss of Robin Williams this week. It is always tragic when a mental illness such as depression claims another life. Like all life-threatening medical conditions, we must work to educate more people about mental health issues and end the stigma for those who continue to suffer in silence.

The causes of depression can be vast and difficult to pinpoint, so it is absolutely necessary that the treatment of depression be a holistic process. All parts of a person must be honored – the physical body, the mental and emotional self and the spiritual self. This most likely will require working with a team of professionals, perhaps a doctor or naturopath and a therapist or counselor who can address these parts of the person’s being.

The Long Natural Health website, as well as my Imagine Healing website for coaching and counseling, are wonderful resources for anyone looking to help with depression or related symptoms. Here is a listing of resources from both sites I recommend everyone read:

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  2. What Kind of Psychotherapy Works?
  3. Achieving Optimal Health through Diet, Supplements and Transformational Counseling
  4. Depression and Mood Support Supplements

Many of these articles mention products that may be helpful in the holistic treatment of depression. However, there is no magic pill that will end symptoms of depression. Again, it is a holistic process and all parts of the person must be tended to and honored. I provide a holistic perspective in my approach to working with all individuals. Please contact me for a consultation.

Timothy Long

LNH Team

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