How Reducing Stress Can Help 17 Health Problems

Would Reducing Stress Improve Your Health?

reducing stress to improve healthWe have all heard that stress wreaks havoc on our bodies, yet for many of us, hearing this has not been enough to make a shift toward reducing stress and living a healthier, happier life. This infographic details many of the ways stress affects our physical bodies including our immune system, digestion, ability to get restful sleep, increase in back pain, high blood pressure, decrease in sex drive and more.

Are you chronically stressed? Have you explored options for getting your stress under control? Every day that passes is an opportunity to live with greater health and more joy, and it takes only a clear intention and a plan to move closer to a goal of reducing stress in your life. You must put you first, and for anyone who cringes at the thought of putting yourself first, please remember that you cannot be fully available to anyone else until you are first available to yourself. Start by asking yourself what brings joy to your life and make a space for that activity for even just a few minutes, each day. This practice will bring you more peace and strength to let go of other things that bring stress.

What is your practice for reducing stress in your life? Let us know in the comments section below!

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