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Recovering from Holiday Overindulgence

Recovering from Holiday Overindulgence

Get Back on Track After Holiday Splurges

Now that the holidays have come and gone, food-and-alcohol-related remorse is setting in for many of us. Rather than dwelling on our overindulgence, let’s look at the ways we can move forward and recover from those ill-advised choices.

Holiday overeatingWhether it was an excess of food, alcohol, or both, there are several things you can do for your body to speed recovery from the ill effects of overindulgence. We’ve highlighted are a few short-term and long-term fixes for you below.

Short-Term Recovery from Overeating

If you’re waking up still feeling stuffed from last night’s feast, you’ll want to consider a short-term fast. Depending on your level of excess, try skipping breakfast or breakfast and lunch. If you decide on a short fast, listen to your body. If you feel shaky, dizzy, or weak, these could be symptoms of low blood sugar. If you’re simply tired and groggy, it’s probably a food hangover.

Go ahead and skip a meal or two, but also make sure to stay well hydrated. No need to overdo it, because you don’t want to dilute the gastric juices that are trying to help you process all that food. You do, however, want to keep up with regular water intake throughout the day.

An alternative to water is an non-caffeinated herbal tea. Astragalus is great for sluggish digestion, while chamomile can soothe an irritated digestive system. Add a couple drops of an herbal bitter, such as gentian, to enhance the digestive effects.

Finally, getting some mild to moderate exercise would be highly beneficial. Your best bet? Go for a brisk walk outside (bundle up if you have to!) Not only will the movement feel great, but the fresh air and sunshine will boost your mood and mindset.

Long-Term Resolution to Overindulgence

Maybe your social calendar was jam-packed this year, or maybe your indulgences started well before the holidays. Whatever the reason, a lot of people are looking for longer-term solutions to too much imbibing, and a great way to start is to cleanse your system. Premier Cleanse by Premier Research Labs is an herbal formula that provides simple, yet profound intestinal detoxification and cleansing effects.

If you’ve overdone it on alcohol, you’ll want to give your liver some help. One option to support an overworked liver is Extended Health’s Liver Support Formula. This formula provides a complete chemical detox and significantly improves liver and digestive function. It’s also a great way to detox from long-term use of tobacco, medications, and environmental toxins.

Clean eatingIn addition to a cleanse, cleaning up your diet is a must when recovering from long-term overindulgence. Shy away from simple carbohydrates such as pasta, cereal, and rice, and go for fiber-rich, complex carbs like quinoa, lentils, oats, and veggies. Be sure to get adequate amounts of protein from sources like salmon and chicken. Snack on small portions of nuts and fruits. And whatever you do, stay away from candy, cookies, and all other sugary treats!

Again, it’s also important to get regular exercise. The intensity level will depend on your fitness level, what your goals are, and your personal preference. The Huffington Post has a good article on finding the right exercise for you, if you need a little guidance.

Reverse the Effects of Overindulgence with Supplements

If you’re not already taking a probiotic, now is the time to start. The right probiotic will not only contain potent amounts of live organisms that will improve digestive function, but prebiotics as well. These prebiotics, specifically inulin, provide the food your healthy gut bacteria need to thrive. One of your best probiotic bets is Delpro by Pure Research Products. Not only does Delpro contain the components previously mentioned, but you also get a dose of Del-Immune V, which provides immune system support. This is highly beneficial because your immune system lives in your intestines.

digestive enzymes for better healthFurther, add a quality digestive enzyme to your meal routine. As your digestive system will start repairing any damage done during food-fest 2015, you’ll want to provide it will a proper amount of support. Digestive enzymes are the best way to do this. Digestive enzymes promote complete digestion of food, which not only supports a healthy digestive system, but improves your nutrient uptake. There are quite a few excellent choices available, depending on your specific needs.

  • Loomis (formerly Thera-Zyme) DGST is a great option for anyone with mild digestive issues such as bloating and flatulence.  It can also be very beneficial for babies with colic. It’s a complete enzymatic formula, so it can be taken no matter what kind of food you’re eating.
  • Premier Digest from Premier Research labs is another excellent all-around digestive enzyme that has you covered for all food types. This formula not only provides digestive support but offers some cleansing benefits as well.
  •  Similase GFCF by Integrative Therapeutics helps support anyone living a gluten-free and/or casein-free lifestyle. It’s wonderful to have on hand when eating at a restaurant or friend’s house, where you can’t be 100% sure there’s no cross-contamination concerns. In addition, it aids in the digestion of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.

You’ll find more on these and a host of other digestive enzyme choices here.

Don’t let holiday overindulgence get you down. The start of a new year is the perfect time for you to focus on healthier habits and choices that will help make 2016 your best year so far!

LNH Team

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