Protein Powders: Vegetarian Diets vs. Animal Protein Diets

Protein Powders: Vegetarian Diets vs. Animal Protein Diets

The Difference Between Animal and Vegetarian Diets

Based on thirty years of study and working with clients, I am very wary of diets that eliminate all animal source food. There can definitely be cleansing and healing benefits short-term, often a lift in energy, though long-term I consistently see people’s health deteriorate on pure vegetarian diets.

I think it is best to eat a wide variety of food, inclusive of a wide variety of sources. A purely vegetarian diet can often lack enough complete protein, and lack other essential nutrients, such as B-12 and vitamin D. Animal sourced foods are highly concentrated sources of nutrients and complete proteins.

When choosing any food we always want to choose high quality, organic when possible, humanely-raised, and properly prepared foods. For instance, I eat pasture-raised buffalo and some beef, free-range organic eggs and chicken, and goat cheese, though I will not eat veal and pork. I will not eat anything raised by cruel methods, fed waste products, or given hormones and medications. I eat wild salmon and avoid most shell fish and farm-raised fish. I don’t even freeze my meat. I want everything fresh, usually eaten the day I buy it. It is also very important how food is cooked. I do not hard boil an egg for the same reasons I do not fry or blacken meat.

Paleo, Pea and Whey Protein Powders

We now offer a wide variety of food and protein powders for both vegan and paleo diets, to help everyone get the nutrients they need. Because it is not always easy to eat well, or to get our children to eat well. We have high quality, professional, clinically-tested paleo, pea, and whey protein powders, and complete, functional meal powders.

I would not rely on any one supplement as a sole source of protein or nutrition, though these are all wonderful choices for those of us who need extra protein, nutrition or variety in our diets. They also support those times when we need a quick and easy way to get a quick nutritious meal.

Another very important point to get from this article….cut down on carbohydrates and sugars. Instead, be certain to have enough healthy protein, oils and fats in your daily diet for superior energy and brain power, especially for breakfast. For healthy carbs, choose grains such as quinoa and rice (be sure to soak and rinse your grains well before cooking). Sweet potatoes are also excellent. Eat a wide variety of raw vegetables (some are better cooked or steamed). Another thing I think everyone should cut down on is wheat and gluten, or cut it out completely. It causes digestive and inflammation issues for many people.

Wishing everyone great health!


LNH Team

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