Plant Enzymes: The Key to Proper Digestion

Plant Enzymes: The Key to Proper Digestion

What are Plant Enzymes?

Plant enzymes exist in all foods found in nature. When foods are picked at the peak of ripeness, they’re naturally rich with healthy enzymes which help the food digest in the body before our own digestive processes even begin. Unfortunately, the common Western diet has evolved such that raw foods contain few healthy enzymes; a lack which puts additional stress on the body as it works hard to produce the enzymes needed to digest food.

Take the following example: Today much of the produce found in grocery stores was picked long before it was ripe. Therefore, natural enzymes are less than optimal. Then, this same food is packed into trucks, refrigerated and often put under florescent lights, all diminishing the plant enzymes further. By the time you buy this produce and bring it home, the quality of your food is significantly impacted. Keep in mind that enzymes are destroyed by heat, so if raw food is prepared in the microwave, stove or oven, it further depletes what little enzymes are left.

Why are Plant Enzymes Important?

Foods that are lacking natural enzymes put an undue amount of stress on the body. Dr. Loomis, Sr., founder of Enzyme Formulations (Thera-zyme and Loomis Enzymes) products and an early mentor of mine, taught that most disease in the modern age can be attributed to lack of enzymes in food and the resulting stress on the body as the body takes enzymes from other bodily processes and functions to help break down and digest our food.

Enzymes are used in every bodily process. Enzymes construct, synthesize, carry, dispense, deliver and eliminate the many ingredients and chemicals our body uses in its daily business of living. Cooked and microwaved food destroys the natural enzymes in food. When food lacks enzymes it places stress on the digestive system and the food is not properly digested or assimilated. This leads to aging and illness.  

Support the Enzymes in Your Body

You can support your body best by ensuring you have the enzymes needed to function. An ideal place to start is at mealtime.

  1. If you can buy your food at local farmers’ markets, you are increasing your likelihood of bringing home much healthier, higher-quality enzyme-rich foods.
  2. Supplement with enzymes at mealtime. Everyone can benefit by doing this!

Enzyme Supplementation

For clients already aware of their food sensitivities, consider a digestive enzyme product that provides the digestive enzymes your body needs at mealtime.

Here are our recommendations:

  • Loomis Pan (formerly Thera-zyme Pan) is a “magic bullet” for many of our clients! (need to call office to order). Premier Research Labs Digestase-SP is similar. Both products contain plant enzymes to help digest grains, carbs, different types of sugars and gluten. If you’re addicted to sugar and carbs and experience bloating following meals, Loomis Pan or Premier Digestase-SP is a good place to begin.
  • If you have difficulty digesting protein and fats, try Loomis HCL or Premier Digest. Many people who cannot digest proteins and fats properly may be over consuming animal foods, nuts, seeds and other foods which can result in a heavy or bloated feeling.
  • And lastly, for anyone who has greater difficulty digesting fats and proteins, eats out frequently, or consumes a high amount of animal proteins will benefit from Premier HCL Support Trio. This powerhouse trio provides the body with traditional herbs and spices to help stimulate acid production in the stomach, as well as the enzymes needed to assist with breaking down and digesting foods. The HCL Support Trio (Premier HCL Activator and Premier HCL) are taken together at the end of a meal, whereas plant enzyme formulas like Premier Digest, Loomis Pan and Pure Encapsulations Digestive Enzymes Ultra are taken at the beginning of meals.

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