Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Zinc

Zinc: Understanding this Essential Mineral

Zinc is a healing mineral. It is imperative to our health and like many other fundamental vitamins and minerals, so often overlooked. Unfortunately, our food supply has become a inadequate source of zinc due to poor remineralization of our soil and the refining of much of the food in the… Read more »

The Best Supplements & Advice for Preventing Cold & Flu

Boost Your Immunity to Avoid Getting a Cold or Flu

The following is a list of advice and supplements you can take to decrease your chances of suffering with the cold or flu this winter.

  1. Increase vitamin D. If you live in areas that are moving into the fall and winter, with daylight hours diminishing and… Read more »

Balance Your Hormones: Understanding the Role of Dr. Peat’s Natural Progesterone

Learn How To Balance Your Hormones

Balanced hormones are a fundamental element in a happy, healthy body and quality of life. For women suffering from a hormonal imbalance, symptoms such as hot flashes, irregular periods, PMS, weight gain, decreased libido and ovarian cysts can be troubling and highly disruptive. Unfortunately, Western treatments and medications can… Read more »

When Grocery Shopping, Avoid the “Dirty Dozen”

Does your grocery shopping include the “dirty dozen?”

As the term “organic” has made it’s way into American households, more and more families are trying to avoid produce that has been made with synthetically compounded fertilizers, pesticides, growth regulators and livestock feed additives. Understanding that organic produce can be more expensive or simply unavailable depending on the item you’re looking… Read more »

Heal Your Gut: Not All Probiotics are Created Equal

Probiotics and Gut Health

Recently on the blog we have gone back to basics of health education by discussing digestion and the importance of good digestion in overall health. Many people, particularly in the Western world, suffer with digestive problems and rely on over the counter medications like antacids to relieve discomfort after meals. This… Read more »

Skip the Lure of Convenience in Favor of Your Health

Cooking: A chore or an art form?

When you think about cooking, do you consider it a revolutionary act? I recently read an article that claimed just that. This article was based on the premise that the cure for all that ails us begins in the kitchen, with wholesome and nutritious meals prepared from… Read more »

Avoiding Sugar is Not Just a Matter of Willpower

An Unlikely Addiction: Sugar

Are you one of the millions of people that call themselves a sugar addict? If so, you likely know that it [when consumed in excess, as it almost always is] is TOXIC, and yet avoiding sugar seems to be the one thing you either 1) have decided you can’t do or 2) have… Read more »