Achieving Optimal Health through Diet, Supplements & Transformational Counseling

Achieving Optimal Health Holistically

For over 25 years I have been working with clients as both a nutritional counselor, life counselor and psychotherapist. This has given me a unique perspective on the causes of ill-health and disease, how to best resolve physical and emotional health issues, and how to achieve optimal health.

There is no doubt in my mind of the clear and direct inter-connection between the physical body and mental mind. The biggest mistake being made throughout the medical, nutritional, and mental health fields is not seeing and addressing this direct link. The separation and disconnect between these different approaches mirrors the very separation within people’s bodies and minds that IS the very cause of illness and disease. Real health will be achieved when this separation is addressed through a truly holistic approach.

A medical doctor looks for the cause of your stomach pain, stress or anxiety in your body. A nutritional doctor addresses your biochemistry and diet, perhaps offers you vitamins or herbal supplements. A psychotherapist addresses the emotional or mental cause. A life coach looks at the way you manage your life, what your goals are and perhaps helps you make positive lifestyle or business changes. Rarely is any substantial health issue resolved by a single approach; it often takes a combination of approaches and is wise to seek and address the root cause of your health concern. Treating some of the branches on the tree can work, though this approach is often prone to failure. Thus you have people going from doctor to doctor, alternative practitioner to practitioner, therapist to therapist, and back to a doctor again; from meds to herbs, to healers, to some sort of potion, maybe even a psychic – and back around the circle again.

How To Regain Your Health and Peace of Mind Now!

I have personally been around all kinds of health and healing methods, all kinds of physical, mental, emotional, biochemical, spiritual, medical and natural approaches. I have studied and practiced numerous methods for more than 25 years. It is my passion to simplify this for everyone, and to help everyone get the results they want.

The Simple Truth of What Works to Resolve Health Issues:

  • Basic Diet and Nutrition: Cut out all junk food, fried food, sugar foods, simple carbohydrates, junk oils, excess carb, grain and flour-based foods. Eat a wide range of organic, naturally raised foods. Follow your own taste, inclination and intuition on what to choose from, as long as it is healthy food. Avoid all fads and exaggerated diets. Both animal foods and vegetables are healthy for most everyone. The source and how you cook them is what matters.
  • Avoid Toxins: Eliminate substances that strongly alter your brain and nerves, such as recreational drugs, alcohol, caffeine, cigarettes and other unnecessary toxins. Maybe some people can handle some caffeine or a glass of red wine now and then and that is fine. Also avoid chemicals that are in beauty products, cleaning products, and all unnecessary over-the-counter drugs and medications (most all of which are unnecessary).
  • Supplements: Use Whole High Quality Supplements to support your diet and health. Because due to our food system and environmental stress we simply are no longer getting the nutrients we need to live optimal healthy lives. Also, many people already have health problems and need additional nutritional support to resolve their issues. Be certain you are taking supplements that are natural and made from food or herbs, not chemicals. Most vitamins are made with chemicals – avoid them! Do not listen false information trying to convince you that a synthetic vitamin is the same as a natural food vitamin. Listen to your common sense and intuition, if nothing else.
  • Exercise, Exercise, Exercise: Move your body. Love your body. Nurture and care for your body. It is the only one you have! Spend more time outdoors in nature. Dancing is also a wonderful exercise.
  • Drink water: We are mostly water. Daily drink adequate pure water without chlorine or fluoride or other toxins in it. Avoid drinking out of plastic or aluminum.
  • Emotional-Mental Health: This is perhaps the most overlooked, under-estimated and most important aspect of physical and mental health. I have seen almost every kind of health issue, from severe, chronic, to common ailments clear up through psychotherapeutic methods. I would say 85% or more of all physical health issues are rooted in the mental-mind-emotional area. For more understanding of this and to understand how and what transformational therapies actually work, see my Imagine Healing website. 
  • Mind-Spiritual Health: Ultimately Love and oneness with God is the answer. Though all of the above helps create a healthy foundation to achieve a life of joy, great health and well-being. I highly suggest a daily practice to contact and connect yourself with your Source. Include your whole family. Get involved in some kind of community that fulfills your spiritual need for love and connection. Your daily practice may include meditation, journal writing, prayer and contemplation, reading or viewing spiritual, uplifting and inspirational materials, yoga, creative arts or hobby – anything that helps you get in the zone and in contact with the presence of your heart, soul and higher power.

I will be continuing to write here on the LNH blog, as well as on my Imagine Healing blog on this subject. There is much to elaborate on. Anyone can achieve a healthy, successful and joyful life. It is not complicated or difficult. It is matter of focusing your energy on what is really important and what truly works. Sign up now on Imagine Healing and follow along as I update the blog!

Wishing you abundant health and happiness,

Timothy Long

LNH Team

4 thoughts on “Achieving Optimal Health through Diet, Supplements & Transformational Counseling

  1. I have gone to more dr.s than i can count. Ive been seeing a bio chemist whos helped me more with my diet and lots of vitamins. I have more bloodwork than anyone should ever have to have. I dont want to take anymore tests. Im wondering if theres a simple way, with diet, and few vitamins and a little coaching to stay on track and get more healthy and stay in a more balanced state. Things like adrenal burnout, thyroid, auto immune, sadness, taste for carbs and sweet things, weight gain, tiredness, coritisol too high at 2-5am can keep me up(heart beating faster), stress, dry skin, aging quicker, digestion, pancreas, forgetful, neurotrans mitters, low saratonin, low progesterone, feels like starting pre menopause.. are all words that have been said and my Dr.s dont see any major problems when they look at my blood work. My biochemist sees them. Yet, symptoms are there. Some come and go. Any advise or ideas?

    1. Hi Jennifer,
      We recommend health coaching with Timothy by phone, Skype or FaceTime to discuss resolving your concerns. You can check out both of his websites and prior to calling him for more info. Wishing you well on your journey to health!

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