Natural Thyroid Support

We were recently informed by American Biologics that the FDA is no longer allowing natural thyroid glandular to be manufactured and sold to the public. For many years Big Pharma through the FDA and USDA has been trying to take natural thyroid glandular products off the market. They just succeeded. There are still some thyroid glandular products to be found on the internet and in stores, though there won’t be for long. I would not trust what is found, as imitation and unsafe thyroid glandular products are surely to be offered.

“As you might guess, patient preference for natural thyroid medications… did not come as welcome news to Big Pharma. In a list of the top 100 most prescribed, top selling in 2015, Synthroid was the number one most prescribed drug, bringing in $1,022,330,738 in sales. Natural thyroid, and the compounding pharmacies that produce it, therefore represent an annoyance to the government-sponsored monopolists running Big Pharma.”  See the full article here for more information.

There is a major epidemic of thyroid and thyroid related issues in the US. Big money is involved and as with many health issues, big money wins, and big money often owns our government. Unfortunately, many medical doctors and scientists serve their greed for money and power over the health of their patients. So, this is how it is right now, and that is why we can no longer provide a perfectly safe and effective product: natural thyroid glandular (even the type we sold, without any active hormones). The people are being fooled once again, and I sure hope we get it right at the voting booth in the future. ‘We The People’ need to speak up louder! Contact your government representatives!

How To Support Your Thyroid Gland and Improve Your Over-all Health!

With millions of people suffering with thyroid conditions, what can be done? Here is how to support and strengthen your thyroid gland without thyroid glandular:

Clear Your Body of Heavy Toxic Metals:

Cleanse your thyroid gland and body of heavy metals such as mercury. Use Extended Health Liver Support followed by Extended Health Heart Plus Detox. This is a very effective way to rid your body of heavy metals. I would repeat this at least every 3-5 years. In addition, I suggest using Premier Chem Detox (modified citrus pectin) to help protect your body from the daily intake of metals that are unavoidable. Here you can find some other excellent heavy metal detox products.

Cleanse your body of halogens, bromines, xeno-estrogens, fluorides:

Understand the connection of Bromines in disrupting your thyroid and how to avoid them.

Understand why you want to protect yourself from Fluoride.

Learn more about thyroid health issues and what to do about it.

Avoid these thyroid and endocrine disruptors:

Avoid Gluten and Soy.

Avoid Pesticides. Choose organic, non-gmo foods.

Avoid Fluoridated Water, and drinks using fluoridated water (think coffee, juice, public sources of water, tea, restaurants, etc.)

Filter your water of fluoride, chlorine, bromines and heavy metals. See CuZn water filter systems.


Use Premier XenoStat to safely help cleanse your thyroid and body from bromines, fluorides and xeno-estrogens. To do a three month cleanse with XenoStat, I don’t believe you need to know your iodine levels. Though it is important to know your iodine levels, as they play a key role in thyroid and hormonal issues, as well as major disease conditions. We provide an easy and safe way to test your iodine levels.

Support Your Adrenals Glands:

Adrenal health is very connected to thyroid health. See our adrenal support products.

Naturally Support Your Thyroid Gland:

See all our thyroid support products. Our three main thyroid support products are: Premier ThyroVen, Gaia Herbs Thyroid Support, and Pure Encapsulations Thyroid Support Complex.


Stress, anxiety, life, work and relationship stress are major contributors to thyroid and adrenal issues. For help releasing and resolving stress and anxiety issues, have a phone, Skype or FaceTime consultation with Timothy Long.