Fall and Winter Back-to-School Natural Cold and Flu Prevention

As the weather begins to turn to autumn in many parts of the world and our children head back-to-school, we can be certain that cold and flu season is upon us. Now is the time for natural cold and flu prevention and for making sure you have the products you need on hand if you or your family begin experiencing the tell-tale signs of sickness.

The following natural supplements are our recommendations for staying healthy through the winter months. Follow the instructions for dosage on the products and remember that in most cases, it is safe to increase your dosage of these supplements when you feel like you could be getting sick or if you’ve already come down with a cold or flu:

Check out the natural cold and flu prevention section on our website for more products that can ensure a healthy and happy season!

And in addition to your supplements, remember these tips to reduce your exposure to bacteria and viruses and keep your immune system strong:

  • Stay hydrated with water
  • Avoid excess sugar and junk food as this lowers your immunity to viruses
  • Wash hands well (20 seconds at least to remove bacteria and viruses)
  • Humidify air in home if you live in a dry climate
  • Get plenty of fresh air and sunshine
  • Periodically open up windows and doors in your home to let in new, fresh air
  • Exercise at least 2-3 times per week, intensely, so you sweat
  • Do deep breathing and meditation daily

Wishing you well through the fall and winter months!

LNH Team

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