Metagenics Top 10 Selling Health Supplements

Metagenics Top 10 Selling Health Supplements

Top 10 Products by Metagenics

Transparency and proper education in the supplement world is hard to find these days. There are so many buzzwords and must-haves surrounding us everyday, but when you look at the labels, can you trust what you’re reading? Metagenics is a health and wellness company that provides clarity and education around their products and ingredients. Whatever goes into the formula is what you will see on the label, and they take quality time to test each batch before it reaches store shelves. 

With 40 years of support and development in nutritional supplements and education, Metagenics has many trusted products suited to your individual needs. In this article we will give you a quick overview of the top 10 products of Metagenics. Follow along as I lead you through the Metagenics favorites. 

  1. EstroFactors 

When a woman’s menstrual cycle comes to an end, the estrogen levels drop quite rapidly, causing all of the symptoms we know as menopause. Many women turn to natural supplements instead of synthetic hormones to aid their hormonal balance and eradicate these symptoms. EstroFactors has a unique phytonutrient formula that provides targeted support for a healthy Estrogen metabolism. Regulating these hormones and symptoms naturally can create a much more positive long-term effect. 

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  1. Axis Endo 

If you feel that you are already taking too many pills or supplements and would rather try adding a tasty mango flavor to your favorite beverage, Metagenics also has a powder mix that was formulated to support hormone metabolism for both men and women. With a simple list of vitamins and minerals, this formula can help support bone, cardiovascular and neurological function. 

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  1. D3 5,000 + K Soft Gels 

Let’s begin with this highly potent nutrition supplement, D3 5,000 + K. This softgel formula is designed for greater vitamin D absorption. It also includes bioavailable forms of the vitamin K2, to complete the D vitamin. Vitamins D and K are both fat-soluble vitamins that work together to support calcium metabolism and cardiovascular health. Vitamin D helps maintain blood calcium levels, which are important for bone strength and health. Vitamin K then helps move the calcium to bone and teeth, and prevents it from building up in arteries and soft tissue. To learn more about this product, follow the link here.   

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  1. MethylCare

MethylCare is a comprehensive formula that features ingredients such as calcium L-5-methyltetrahydrofolate, N-acetyl-L-cysteine, vitamin B6, methylated B12, and betaine HCI. Together these ingredients support methylation. Methylation in simpler terms, is a chemical reaction in the body in which a small molecule called a methyl group gets added to DNA, proteins or other molecules. This means that the nutrients provided in this supplement are already activated and the body can use them immediately. 

More about these ingredients:

Calcium L-5 methyltetrahydrofolate – plays a role in cell division, DNA synthesis, and amino acid metabolism. It has better bioavailability than traditional folate supplements– which promotes healthy cell function and blood cell formation.

N-acetyl-L-cysteine – used for its antioxidant and antiinflammatory properties which can improve liver and kidney detox amongst other benefits.

B6 and B12 – B6 can promote brain, cardio and blood sugar health, while B12 keeps the nerve and blood cells healthy.

Betaine HCI – is an amino acid that has been shown to have potential benefits for heart disease, muscle gain, fat loss, stomach & gut issues. 

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  1. Wellness Essentials Men’s Vitality 

Men’s Vitality  by Metagenics helps support men’s overall wellness and libido. Each once-daily packet includes phytonutrients to support cellular health, testosterone health, immune and reproductive health, as well as heart health. Learn more here.

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  1. UltraInflamX Plus 360

UltraInflamX Plus 360 is a chocolate flavored medical food formulation to provide macro & micro nutrients for those who suffer with compromised gut function such as inflammatory bowel disease. This proprietary vegan blend is designed to enhance bioavailability and stability for the vitamins, minerals and amino acids inside. To learn more about this formula, view the ingredients list here.

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  1. UltraGI Replenish

Much like the UltraInflamX, the UltraGI Replenish powder supplement is intended for those with digestive disorders and nutrient malabsorption. Blended in a vanilla vegan protein base, this formula features essential amino acids, key vitamins and minerals, and a prebiotic fiber. These ingredients are designed to complement a comprehensive eating plan that excludes common food allergens and supports healthy gut function. View the full ingredient list here.

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  1. Ultra Potent Vitamin C 1000

This patented Vitamin C formula has a great source of antioxidants supporting healthy immune function. This supplement was also designed with a buffered delivery system to prevent potential stomach upset which is sometimes associated with high vitamin C intake. Boosting the immune system with vitamin C can also support heart health, skin health, and wound healing. 

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  1. Bone Builder Forte

The Bone Builder Forte provides bone health and density. Its main ingredient is a compound called MCHC (microcrystalline hydroxyapatite concentrate) that contains naturally occurring calcium, phosphorus, minerals, collagen and proteins. This ingredient compound has been researched for more than 30 years leading to great results for those that have tried it. If you’re in need of more bone health support, the Bone Builder Extra Strength capsule might be best for you, infused with over 1000 mg of calcium. 

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  1. PhytoMulti

Multivitamins are supplemental sources of vitamins and minerals to ensure your body gets the nutrition it may not get from diet alone. The harsh truth is that with our current food system it’s difficult to get the proper nutrients we need and it’s important to have a daily multivitamin that goes beyond basic wellness. The PhytoMulti is infused with 13 high quality essential extracts and phytonutrients that has been scientifically proven to support cellular health and function in key body systems, aiding overall health as well as the aging process. This supplement also comes in a formula that also includes iron, for those that are anemic or deficient in proper iron consumption. 

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As shown in this article, Metagenics has a wide variety of natural supplements for anyone in need of extra support and interest in improving their wellness. It’s important to speak with your trusted practitioner when deciding on which products are best for you. When you’re ready to commit to better health, Metagenics is one of our most recommended brands to rely on. 

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