Mental Health Symptoms: Sanesco HPA Neurotransmitter Testing

Mental Health Symptoms: Sanesco HPA Neurotransmitter Testing

Find The Root of Your Mental Health Symptoms: Sanesco HPA Neurotransmitter Testing

Focus on your mood & mental health

Through the testing of neurotransmitters, Sanesco brings better health guidance to your home with a simple urine & saliva sample. Using this test paired with a consultation from practitioner Timothy Long and the recommended remedy supplements of both Sanesco and Sanesco’s partner NeuroScience, you will be taking action towards changing your life and mental health for the better.

Let’s start with what a neurotransmitter is…

The brain produces chemical messengers that are released when brain cells are electronically activated, these are neurotransmitters. They are responsible for every thought, mood, pain and pleasure sensation we feel. They control our energy level, our appetite and the foods we crave. Neurotransmitters even regulate how well we sleep as well as our sex drive.

Psychological stress and physiological changes can cause neurotransmitter deficiencies or imbalances; likewise, the neurotransmitter deficiency or imbalance can cause psychological changes. These imbalances can throw off the greater holistic being in a number of ways. 

Neurotransmitters for mood, depressions, sleep, anxiety, mental health, sleep, insomnia, focus, memory, concentration

Some common symptoms of these neurotransmitter imbalances include:

  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Strong craving for sweets
  • Depression
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Focus Issues
  • Low motivation
  • Chronic pain
  • ADD
  • Irritability
  • PMS
  • Addictions 
  • Decreased sex drive

Luckily, neurotransmitters can be easily measured by specialized noninvasive laboratory testing

With Sanesco’s at-home testing kits, the patient follows the provided testing instructions and then mails the collected sample(s) to Sanesco in a pre-addressed, postage-paid box. It is then forwarded to NeuroLab™ for processing.

The final test results are sent back to Sanesco, whose expert team of multi-disciplinary researchers and clinicians develops a recommended treatment protocol that takes into consideration the patient’s symptoms, the test results as well as the reported lifestyle, supplementation, and medical history factors. Once the lab results are sent to you, we recommend setting up a free consultation with practitioner Timothy Long, owner/founder of Long Natural Health to review together.

(Sample reports and additional brochure provided).

Sanesco and NeuroScience HPA Neurotransmitter and Hormonal Testing Kit

Here’s a deeper dive into the Sanesco HPA Test

The Sanesco HPA test focuses on neurotransmitter and adrenal assessments. The Sanesco HPA-G also includes a full hormone panel. These tests will help determine imbalances in neurotransmitters to resolve issues with anxiety, sleep, depression, focus, memory, insomnia, weight gain, sugar cravings, mood, fatigue, decreased libido and even more. 

The HPA test will measure 6 primary neurotransmitters through your urine sample; Serotonin, GABA, Glutamate, Dopamine, Norepinephrine, and Epinephrine. It will also test a panel of Cortisols and DHEA’s from your saliva sample. The HPA-G adds all your hormones: progesterone, estrogens, testosterone.

Why each biomarker is tested   

Serotonin = mood, sleep regulation, appetite, stress response, etc. 

GABA = anxiety, mood, sleep, addiction, etc.

Glutamate =learning, memory, senses, movement coordination, etc. 

Dopamine = depression, ADHD, libido, etc.

Norepinephrine = mood, sleep, energy, alertness, stress reaction, etc.

Epinephrine = stress, fight or flight response, blood sugar, blood pressure, etc.

Cortisols = stress, blood pressure, blood sugar, inflammation, sleep cycles, etc.

DHEA = adrenal stress, hormonal issues, libido, muscle repair, energy, etc.

PEA = mood, cognitive focus, energy, diagnosis of ADHD, etc.

Results from happy clients:


“IMPRESSIVE! I am very happy to have had this test done on my son. It surely shows the imbalance he has and correlates with the symptoms he is currently experiencing. He starts on the recommended treatment tomorrow and I really look forward to these products working in order to improve his health and well-being.”


“Very helpful! Based on multiple nebulous complaints, my doctor recommended I take the Sanesco HPA profile which showed areas of deficiency that I’m not expert enough to describe. I had a feeling my adrenals were feeling the strain of my stressful job which I assumed were affecting other functions in my body. The combination of Prolent and Lentra, along with some other recommendations my doctor made, has helped rebalance my system, making me feel normal and healthy again.”

More about Sanesco, the brand we trust and recommend

We’ve been working with Sanesco for 18 years as our trusted source for lab results. For all of those years we have found this brand to be true to their mission– “Sanesco believes quality of life for all is possible by empowering healthcare providers with information, understanding, and a NeuroWellness Program that allows a personalized approach for supporting imbalances in the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis.”

This company has been improving its research and efforts for almost two decades. Their core values revolve around integrity, transparency and quality data. There is no competition for the education, support and guidance that is provided from Sanesco’s testing and wellness programs.

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If you enjoyed this article, learn more about the supplement treatments that can be paired with your test results to remedy your symptoms. Sanesco and Neuroscience work directly together to not only clarify the cause, but provide individualized supplement solutions as well. 

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