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Living Well: What We Can Learn From Other Cultures

I am fascinated with culture and often find myself drawn to reading, housewares, clothing, and other things that represent cultures from around the world. My love for other cultures came alive during my undergraduate studies when I had the opportunity to study abroad in Spain. Five weeks was hardly long enough to really sink in to the culture of the Spanish people, but there were certainly some elements of the culture I still think about and even long for (daily siestas for example!)

In recent weeks, I’ve come across two articles from the Huffington Post about what other cultures have to teach us about living well. Health, as we know it, goes beyond the absence of disease to encompass lifestyle that balanced and joyful, where mind, body and spirit are nourished and well. These two articles, What Greek Wisdom Can Teach the Rest of the World about Living Well and What India Can Teach the Rest of the World about Living Well offer insight into how other cultures embody their traditions to experience wellness. Here are just a few of my favorite lessons from Greek and Indian culture:

From Greek Culture

  1. They appreciate the value of a good walk
  2. They ask big questions (think Plato and Aristotle)
  3. They take hospitality and generosity very seriously
  4. They take time for leisure
  5. They come together over good food

From Indian Culture

  1. They view health from a holistic perspective
  2. They cook with turmeric (health benefits include reducing inflammation and preventing chronic diseases like Alzheimer’s!)
  3. They know that breathing is crucial to good health
  4. They celebrate the power of music
  5. They value inner wisdom

What does your culture teach the world about living well? Tell us by sharing in the comments section below!


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