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Natural Ways to Deal With Holiday Stress

Natural Ways to Deal With Holiday Stress

The Importance of Self Care During the Holidays

Stress is one of the first things people associate with the holiday season. From difficult relatives to financial worries, stress levels rise for nearly everyone as the new year approaches. Rather than turning to junk food or one-too-many cocktails, consider some healthier ways to cope with the stress you face this year.

How to cope with holiday stressThe exhaustion and anxiety you may feel is directly related to the way your nervous system is attempting to cope with the various stressors you’re encountering. For this reason, supporting your nervous system through supplementation is a key part of keeping stress levels at bay. Additionally, you’ll want to be eating nourishing foods and getting adequate rest. Fortunately, when you’re supporting your system with supplements, proper self-care becomes more manageable as well.

Supplements for Stress Support

There are several great options for you to choose from when looking to manage the stress of the holidays with high-quality supplements. First, you want to consider supplements that are helpful to every person who has any sort of stress in their life. If you’re not already taking B vitamins and magnesium, you’ll want to consider starting there.

Premier Max B-NDPremier Max B-ND

As far as B vitamin supplements go, there’s no better choice than Max B-ND from Premier Research Labs. This liquid supplement is comprised of food-source, end-chain, living B vitamins. Most B vitamins available today are typically synthetic, and can cause the degradation of cellular DNA. Because Max B-ND is non-synthetic, you can be sure you’re getting potent B vitamins that will provide you with brain, liver, mood, and energy support, giving a boost to your overall sense of well-being.

Premier Magnesium PowderPremier Magnesium (Powder)

Another mineral you’d be wise to take not only during the holidays, but every day, is magnesium. Premier Research Labs also makes a fantastic magnesium supplement, in the form of a highly-absorbable powder. Premier Magnesium (Powder) not only helps utilize B-complex, A, and C vitamins, it’s supportive to a healthy heart, bones, and proper pH balance. And while stress can be a cause of magnesium deficiency, the deficiency itself can amplify your reaction to stress. This makes its doubly important when looking for support for both daily and holiday stress.

Stress Relief Through Adaptogenic Herbs

If you’re already taking your B vitamins and magnesium, and you’re still in need of a little extra support, you may want to consider incorporating adaptogenic herbs into your daily routine. Adaptogens help stabilize the physical processes taking place within the body, therefore promoting homeostasis, which leads to decreased cellular response to stress. This means is that, with the support of adaptogens, you will feel less of the physical and psychological effects of stress, making that stress remarkably more manageable.

Premier Adaptogen-R3PRADAPT

One great adaptogenic supplement, created by Premier Research Labs, is Adaptogen-R3. This formula contains a combination of apple cider vinegar, digestive enzymes, herbs like Rhodiola, thyme, and Fo Ti root, a brown seaweed extract (Ecklonia Cava). In addition to providing support during stressful times, it helps to boost the immune system, supports detoxification, increases mental clarity and endurance, enhances post-exercise recovery, and helps to create a leaner, stronger body.

HPAADAPTIntegrative Therapeutics HPA

Another great adaptogenic option is HPA Adapt by Integrative Therapeutics. It contains five of the most effective adaptogenic herbs available: Rhodiola, Ashwagandha, Eluthero, Maca, and Holy Basil. Together, these herbs help reduce mental stress and fatigue, improve the moods, calm occasional anxiety, and support cognitive function.

Less Stress is Possible for Everyone

Daily and short-term stress are things everyone deals with throughout their lives. Knowing how to best take care of yourself, and what options you have when looking for a little extra support are key components of managing your stress. Combining supplementation with nourishing food, plenty of sleep, and moderate exercise is a great path towards living a happier, healthier, more joyful life.

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