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Healthy Cleansing and Detox Products for the New Year

Healthy Cleansing and Detox Products for the New Year

Did you set an intention to become healthier in the new year? Many people make a resolution to become healthier in the new year with improved diet and lifestyle choices. The good news is that there seems to be a shift happening in terms of how people are viewing health. Rather than crash diets and extreme cleanses, more and more people are turning toward making more conscious lifestyle changes, understanding that real change and real health happens over time and not overnight.

As a society, we have more knowledge and more resources today than ever before to make informed decisions about our health. At Long Natural Health, we encourage our clients to get informed and make conscious choices that will positively affect your health over the long-term.

It’s Time to Get Healthy in the New Year! 

Start with the 24-Hour Urinalysis Kit with Consult to clear up digestive problems behind weight issues. This test gives us the data needed to determine vitamin and mineral deficiencies, digestive issues and other concerns. The consult will ensure you are empowered to understand your health and make the positive changes necessary to meet your goals and lose weight in a healthy, natural way.

Detox Products

Premier Cleanse  

Extended Health Liver Support 

Mag O7 

Premier Detox-ND

Extended Health Heart Detox Plus 

Learn more about the benefits of detoxing the body here.

Weight Management Products

Premier Lean Advantage 

Premier Trim Body Blend 

100% Pure Virgin Coconut Oil 

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Wishing you the best with all of your health goals!

LNH Team

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