Heal Your Gut: Not All Probiotics are Created Equal

Probiotics and Gut Health

Recently on the blog we have gone back to basics of health education by discussing digestion and the importance of good digestion in overall health. Many people, particularly in the Western world, suffer with digestive problems and rely on over the counter medications like antacids to relieve discomfort after meals. This is not normal! You should not suffer after eating and if you are it is an indication your digestive system is out of balance and my need the assistance of probiotics.

At LNH, we implore our clients to get to the root of their health concerns to truly resolve their discomfort rather than finding temporary solutions that can be harmful to the body over the long term.

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Keeping Your GI Healthy

Today’s focus is the final part of the digestive process: the gut and colon. In a healthy intestinal tract, the flora and healthy bacteria in the gut will complete the break down of food and will keep the immune system strong. Traditionally, different cultures made fermented foods like sauerkraut, miso and yogurt, which provided enzymes and probiotics that are necessary for gut health. However, for most people today, gut health has been compromised due to poor lifestyle choices, use of antibiotics (which kill both the bad and good bacteria in the gut) and the lack of quality fermented foods in our diets.

In our modern world and Western food system, we must take probiotics to support our immune system, digest our food and ultimately, to stay healthy. Keep in mind however, that not all probiotics are created equal! Many probiotics on the market today provide very low quality probiotic strains. In our office, we sell three different high quality probiotic formulas and Premier Colostrum for healing the gut. If you’d like to get started on a probiotic or have ever wondered which was the best option for you, then here is a brief explanation of each of our products.

  • Premier Colostrum supplies important immune factors and growth factors along with a combination of vitamins and minerals to insure health and vitality. Colostrum is foundational for gut health, perfect for anyone showing signs of digestive stress. Use it to to build immunity and intestinal health along with probiotics.
  • Stella Biotics Delpro is our most popular probiotic and contains five strains of very high potency probiotics and prebiotics. Delpro is a fantastic formula because a single capsule contains both live probiotic cultures and the popular immune boosting formula Stella Biotics Del-Immune V.
  • Premier Probiotic Caps is a great option for all people and body types. This formula contains 12 different probiotic strains as well as 92 natural herbs and barks that have been cultured for five years using a unique Japanese process. Also provides vitamins, minerals and amino acids.
  • See All Our Probiotic and Prebiotic Supplements

Ultimately, everyone should consider using a probiotic regularly. If your gut is healthy, you probably don’t need to take probiotics every day but will benefit from taking them periodically. If you’re like most people and suffer with digestive problems or have a weak immune system, then probiotics should be a regular part of your supplement plan.

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