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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from Long Natural Health!

We are entering the holiday season time of year. Most of us will be celebrating Thanksgiving here in the US, though around the world there are many types of celebrations. This is a great time to unite with family and friends. For some of us, family and holidays can be a stressful time as well. It is also a wonderful time to take time out to rejuvenate and reflect on life.

Here are some tips and ideas to support you and your family during the holidays:

Gratitude: Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks. I teach my clients to begin every morning of their life, and to end everyday of their life giving thanks, gratitude and appreciation for the little and big things in their lives. Thanksgiving is a reminder for all of us. It is also a time to share gratitude and appreciation with family and friends.
In my home we take the time to go around the table and have everyone share all the things they are grateful for. This is uplifting and very uniting and connecting. You might want to add this to your family tradition.

Food: It is easy during Thanksgiving, and any holiday to eat too much, eat too many carbohydrates, too much sugar, drink too much alcohol… you get the idea. The time is now to make up your mind that you will remain mindful and determined to fully enjoy all the goodies, but to protect yourself from making yourself ill. Some foods build up your energy and others tear it down, and some can have a very serious, negative affect on your mood and health. Make up your mind to avoid or limit the foods, snacks and drinks that most negatively affect you and your children.

Exercise: Remember to exercise daily. At least a 30 minute walk at brisk speed can have a very positive affect on your health and mood; and has been proven to prevent disease, help lift depression and balance your hormones. You also want to exercise vigorously at least 2-3x a week. This may include lifting weights, swimming, hiking in mountains, dancing, or whatever you enjoy.

Reflection, Meditation and Prayer: As mentioned, the holidays and family can be energizing and also stressful. All the more important to continue and even increase our time in prayer and meditation. Keeping ourselves balanced, centered and clear, is the very best contribution we can make to our own health and happiness, as well as to the happiness and health of our families. Take the time to meditate and pray each morning before you start the day, and each night before bed. Invite your other family members to join you. This can bring great positive change into your lives!

Contribution: Step up and step in to help out the person cooking, organizing; the person, sibling or child having a difficult time; your community members or organizations that need a helping hand. As well as, contributing something to organizations that are serving those less fortunate around the world. To give, really is to receive.

Very helpful supplements this time of year to stay healthy are:

Vitamin D: During the winter, be sure all your family members are taking adequate vitamin D, including children. This is the number one supplement needed to avoid colds, flu, depression, and so much more! The average range will be between 5,000 and 12,000 IU daily, depending on your climate, age, etc.
Del-Immune: Del Immune is my favorite product to take during the fall and winter, and when traveling to prevent and stop illness.
Del-Pro: This probiotic is also highly recommended for all family members to take daily.
Digestive Enzymes: Most everyone over 30 years (certainly over 40) could use digestive help. This is our number one suggestion to help you become and stay healthy. We only receive the benefits of our food and supplements, to the degree we digest them.

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Wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving and wonderful holidays!


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LNH Team

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