How to Get a Fresh Start for Your New Year!

Get a Fresh Start for Your New Year or Life!

The start of a new year, a birthday, an anniversary, or really any day you choose –  is an exciting time for many of us. We feel a sense of renewal, optimism and joy for a new beginning. It is natural to be excited about having a fresh start. Along with millions of other people around the world, you make promises to yourself to break old habits and to live the life you really want. The feeling of possibility at the start of the new year is thrilling!

And then life happens. Life comes up with intelligent distractions and frustrating circumstances that challenge us to stay true to the promises we’ve made. We have all been there.

Knowing this, I ask the question: Two weeks into the new year or past my birthday, “how are you (am I) doing?” Where are you at with your intentions? I know, making space for new goals can be challenging. It takes a long time to make a new habit. For some of you, the excitement you felt as you embarked on the new year may have begun to fade, or may begin to fade in the coming weeks. But there was a part of you just a couple of weeks ago that felt deep down that it was time for a positive change.

You can still have the life you want, even with life’s challenges, but sometimes you have to call in extra help. Because life happens.

A Counselor or Coach Can Help Give You a Fresh Start

  1. Create your vision. A counselor or a coach can help you get clear about the life you want, which is the first step to achieving your goals. If your vision is foggy, a counselor or coach will help you get clear.
  2. Receive emotional support. Sometimes we let our loved ones, or even ourselves, stand in the way. Sometimes we do this for years and years. A counselor or coach can help you work through old patterns and habits that keep holding you back from living the life you want.
  3. Gain tools. Not literal tools, just figurative tools. With a counselor or coach, you’ll begin to see roadblocks and challenges in your life with new objectivity and you’ll gain the tools you need to work with obstacles so they no longer keep you from living the vision you have for your life.
  4. Receive objective feedback. We all need support from someone in our life that is unbiased and objective. This gives us the opportunity to gain new perspective and to think outside of the box. When we see things through the wider lens of objectivity, the possibilities can feel endless.
  5. Stress management. Stress really does a number on our lives. Our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health all suffer when we are stressed. Then our families suffer, too. It’s time to get stress under control. A counselor or coach can help you begin to minimize stressors in your life and will support you in making time for self-care. And self-care will change your life!

These are just a few reasons why counseling and coaching can be transformative. When it’s all said and done, having someone available to support you as you make positive change can be a fundamental piece of your success story. We encourage you to explore options for counseling and coaching.

Timothy LongTimothy Long has been working for over 25 years as a nutritional counselor, life coach and psychotherapist. If you want to know more about Timothy and his counseling and coaching practice, click here.

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