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Eating with the Seasons

eating with the seasonsIn our supermarket culture, where produce is shipped around the world and in stock all year long, it can be difficult or confusing to determine which foods are in season at what time. One might ask, if we can get the same fruits and veggies all year long, why would we want to limit ourselves by eating with the seasons? There are many benefits to eating what is in season near you, and the following list provides just a few examples:

  1. Nutrient Rich: Foods that have been picked before they are ripe, travel for long distances or are stored inappropriately are mostly depleted of the nutrients and enzymes that make them beneficial to our bodies. When you buy what’s in season in your area, your produce will be fresher and more nutrient-rich.
  2. Taste: When it’s freshly picked and full of nutrients, we can taste the difference! Think local sun-ripened tomatoes – They are a lovely shade of red, packed with nutrients and flavor, so tasty in the summer months you can bite into them just like apples!
  3. Cost: If you’ve ever planted your own backyard garden, you know that when your zucchini or your tomatoes start ripening, it’s a very short time before you have an abundance of these veggies on hand. For farmers and supermarkets, this abundance of produce means prices must drop significantly so sellers don’t run the risk of the produce going bad before its bought.

The internet can be a great resource if you’re curious about what’s in season near you. In general, January is the time for spinach, Brussels sprouts, beets, pears, lemons and so much more!

If you want to start eating with the seasons and you are wondering how you can find out more about what is in season near you, you can visit Local Harvest for information about local farmer’s markets, family farms and more in your area.

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