Eat Your Vegetables, Improve Your Health!


vegetablesWe know we should eat them, and yet to get the recommended amount of greens each day (4-5 servings!) we would certainly need every meal and at least one snack a day to include a serving of vegetables. I do my best to get my greens at each meal, adding spinach to my breakfast and other vegetables like carrots, arugula, zucchini, broccoli at lunch and dinner, but even for me it is hard to get enough.

Fresh vegetables are rich in nutrients and a diet rich in fresh vegetables is known to prevent heart disease, cancer and significantly support the immune system. Eat your vegetables and take your body from acid to alkaline.

So what should you do if you cannot get the recommended amount of greens each day? Some might suggest juicing, although this can be a lengthy, messy process and also quite costly. An alternative to juicing is taking a powdered or capsuled greens mix each day as a way to supplement the nutrients you get from vegetables in your meals. A greens mix is easy, cost effective and when you choose a quality mix, you get a complete variety of needed vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

Whole Foods Supplements

I alternate between two of our products, Premier Greens Powder and NanoGreens. If you’re just starting with a greens mix or prefer a sweeter taste, you may wish to start with the NanoGreens as it is sweetened with stevia. Premier also makes Greens Capsules if you are completely averse to the taste! However, my personal preference is the Premier Greens Powder; my body craves this delicious goodness!

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