Dr Peat’s Progest E Complex Replenishing Oil

Dr Peat’s Progest E Complex Replenishing Oil

Partner Up With Progesterone Naturally Balance Your Hormones & Ease Symptoms from PMS to Menopause 


What is Progesterone?

Progesterone is one of two major female sex hormones, the other being Estrogen. Its main function is to prepare the lining of the uterus for a fertilized egg to attach and grow. It is also known as the “calming” hormone, as it helps with stress, sleep, anxiety and hormone homeostasis. Low progesterone is common in today’s world as there are so many factors that can lead to hormone imbalance for any woman, at any age. The largest cause being stress. When your body produces more cortisol in response to stress, it can raise your estrogen and deplete your body’s ability to produce progesterone. A web of physical issues can result from low progesterone as it is a major key in the function of the immune system.Common symptoms of low progesterone include:

  • Irregular & Painful Menstrual Periods

  • HeadachesMood Swings

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Trouble Sleeping

  • Hot Flashes

  • Bloating or Weight Gain

  • Difficulty Conceiving 

Our Recommendation: Progest-E Oil A natural way to boost your progesterone & bring your hormones back to balanceWe get it, messing with hormones can be scary. There’s so much buzz around the “right” and “wrong” pharmaceuticals and supplements to take. What if I told you that there’s a more natural way to balance your hormone levels. A safe and trusted product that extracts progesterone from Wild Yam (yes, the vegetable) and wraps it up into a small easy-to-use bottle. With just a few small drops a day your mind and body can reach closer to hormonal harmony. The proof is in the pudding, see what some of our clients have said about their experience…


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐“ I ordered Progest-E to help treat PMS symptoms (tender breasts, extreme fatigue, some breakouts, water retention and lots of mood swings – anxiety / crying a lot etc). I used the starting suggested dose of 3 drops a dose, 5 times per day for 10 days prior to my period. I have to say, even though I’ve only used it once, it worked pretty well. I could still tell I was PMS-ing ever so slightly but it reduced almost all of the aforementioned symptoms. I also did not experience any sedative effects which I was concerned about since I was taking throughout the work day. I plan to continue using it during my next cycle. I wanted to leave this review because the other reviews helped me make the decision to give it a try. I think it is worth a try for severe PMS!”

  • Jenna, Jan 14th 2024


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐“I waited 3 months before I gave a review. The first month was challenging. I was taking other supplements for hot flashes and they worked. I wanted to scale back on all these supplements. A neighbor recommended this product. It took a couple weeks but no more hot flashes. Will stick with this product. 3 drops in the morning is all I need after taking recommended drops in the beginning when I first started the product. It lasts a long time.”

  • Peggy Dec 16th 2023


Progest-E was created by a well-known intelligent man named Dr. Ray Peat. Dr. Peat began his research in hormones in 1968 and continued to perfect his studies up until his last days. Through his experiments he found the correlation between progesterone and the mind-body experience, resulting in this particular product.Here is a little more about this product described by Dr. Peat himself:When dissolved in vitamin E, progesterone begins entering the bloodstream almost as soon as it contacts any membrane, such as the lips, tongue, gums, or palate, but when it is swallowed, it continues to be absorbed as part of the digestive process. When taken with food, its absorption occurs at the same rate as the digestion and absorption of the food.If a woman has ovaries, progesterone helps them to produce both progesterone and estrogen as needed, and also helps to restore normal functioning to the thyroid and other glands. If her ovaries have been removed, progesterone should be taken consistently to replace the lost supply.If you’ve been struggling with some of the symptoms listed in this article and are fed up with endless medical research and dead ends, add this product to your daily ritual and give yourself up to three months to see the results. 


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