Dr. Peat’s Miracle Progest-E Oil Complex

At Long Natural Health, we always love hearing from our clients when they have experienced successes with products purchased from our store. Just a few days ago, we heard from a client in Perth, Australia, who has experienced many positive effects as a result of using Dr. Peat’s natural progesterone, Progest-E. Elaine’s enthusiasm and gratitude for the decrease in her symptoms is a testament to what proper supplementation can do for anyone seeking to achieve or maintain good health.

Hi Timothy,

I just want to let you know that I have had a little miracle with your Progest-E. I am truly so very grateful. My sugar levels have stabilized. I just can’t believe after 5 years of trying everything I could get my hands on (which never worked), I take Progest-E for 3 weeks and I am so thanking my God for this product as I take my blood readings after 4 hours of eating and they are within normal range. Not been so for 5 years. Thank you with such heartfelt gratitude. I’m never going off it again. Elaine deBeaux

Visit Dr. Peat’s Progest-E Complex on our site to learn more about how this product can reduce hot flashes, uncomfortable PMS symptoms and more.

It’s always such a pleasure to hear from clients who are using Long Natural Health products and have experienced positive results. Over the years there have been many! If you’d like to learn about what products have worked well for others, scroll to the bottom of any product in our health product catalog to read the reviews. And please, send us your testimonials to add to our site!

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