Create Your New Year Intentions in Six Easy Steps

Create Your New Year Intentions in Six Easy Steps

1. Review The Past Year 

Before you set your intentions for how you want your new year to be, take the time to review the past year. Sit down, reflect, review and write up all you accomplished in the past year. What goals did you meet? What steps, even small steps did you take towards specific goals and the greater vision of your life? What do you have gratitude for that came into your life this past year?

2. Set Intentions for The New Year 

Now you are ready to imagine what you want in the new year. First, take the time to deeply relax, deeply breath, meditate and pray for a few minutes. Clear your mind and body so you can fully focus on setting your new intentions.

Begin by outlining the main areas of your life where you wish to focus. For instance, physical health, including exercise, diet and nutrition. You might have goals such as: lose weight, resolve insomnia, build muscle, cleanse body, cut out sugar or gluten. Another category might be family: create a family game night, take piano lessons with son, cook more meals together with children. Other categories might include financial, career and business goals, or intentions around education, home improvement, volunteering in your community, personal, creative or spiritual development goals.

This is not just about wants and needs, this is about setting your main focus and intentions for the new year. It is important to imagine how you will feel. What do you desire? What are you passionate about? What is the life you wish to create?

Create some possible positive steps you can take towards meeting these goals and intentions. Perhaps set some dates for each step.

3. Clear Out The Old 

As you are writing out your intentions, jot down negative thoughts and doubts, fears and areas of weakness. It is best to be honest and realistic about negative thinking, otherwise it will undermine you later. Make a plan to address these thoughts. Do you need to add ‘get counseling, mentoring or coaching’ to your intentions? How committed are you to accomplishing your dreams and goals this year?

What do you need to clear out? What things, people, patterns, habits, traumas or addictions bring negativity into your life and block your joy and potential? Create intentions to resolve these and get them out of your life. I like to write on a piece of paper everything I wish to let go of and burn it.

4. New Year Meditation 

MeditationNow it is time to set your intentions deep into your consciousness through meditation and prayer. This is key to bringing forth the life and the experiences you want to live.

Choose perhaps your top 5 intentions. Sit down and get very comfortable. Shut off the phone and eliminate distractions. Get into a very rhythmic smooth breathing pattern. Consciously connect to and feel your whole body. Think of something very beautiful and relaxing. See and feel yourself in a comfortable place or with people whom you feel very safe. Once you are feeling deeply relaxed and peaceful, call to mind one intention at a time. See it, visualize it, feel it as real. See yourself feeling joyful in the experience of it, see it as real, succeeding and accomplished. Take your time. Perhaps spend 5-10 minutes on each of your intentions. Really relish in it. Try to include all your senses. How will it feel, smell, taste, sound, and look?

5. Continue Creating 

All creation begins in the mind. Fall asleep reviewing your intentions, feeling appreciation for the parts coming true, praying and receiving ideas towards making them come true. Use your active imagination. Do this upon waking as well. And during your daily mediations, prayers and walks.

Keep a journal of your thoughts and ideas, further elaborating on your visions, and recording your accomplishments. Include visuals, perhaps cutting pictures out of magazines or create a Pinterest board. This will enhance and speed the manifestation of your desires.

6. Last but not least, do not give up on yourself. 

If you find yourself giving up, seek support. We all have areas we are stronger or weaker in than others. Reach out and ask for help. Your heart and soul will never stop desiring. Let this be the year you don’t quit on your goals and dreams.

Wishing You A Very Healthy, Joyful, Peaceful, Prosperous and Happy New Year!

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