Balance Your Hormones: Understanding the Role of Dr. Peat’s Natural Progesterone

Learn How To Balance Your Hormones

Balanced hormones are a fundamental element in a happy, healthy body and quality of life. For women suffering from a hormonal imbalance, symptoms such as hot flashes, irregular periods, PMS, weight gain, decreased libido and ovarian cysts can be troubling and highly disruptive. Unfortunately, Western treatments and medications can be highly toxic to the body, further exasperating estrogen dominance in the body. If you want to balance your hormones, added estrogen is not the answer, but rather a large part of the problem.

Bringing balance to a disturbed hormonal system is process that requires a holistic perspective. Diet and an active lifestyle play a role, while other factors may also be contributing to imbalance. For many of our clients at Long Natural Health, Dr. Peat’s Progest-E Complex is a great place to begin. This is often the best natural alternative to dangerous treatments and medications. Formulated by Dr. Raymond Peat, who has studied progesterone and related hormones since 1968, Progest-E Complex is made from wild yams and is preserved in natural vitamin E oil. Many other companies market progesterone creams, although these inferior products often contain additional chemical and synthetic ingredients (like parabens and polyunsaturated fatty acids) that can be destructive to the hormone balance in the body. Furthermore, many creams contain only about 3% progesterone, which will then by stored in the fatty tissue of the body, while Progest-E oil contains 10% natural progesterone and is easily absorbed into the blood stream.

Natural progesterone opposes estrogen, effectively supporting the body in decreasing estrogen dominance. It is by far our most popular product around the world!

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