A Personal Story: Premier Max-B Vitamins, Just Try Them!

My Experience With Premier Max-B Vitamins

Premier Max B-NDWhen I started with Long Natural Health almost three years ago, I was eager to begin trying the products we sold in the store so I could speak informatively to clients about my experience with our natural health products. I’ve always felt that it took me trying a product to really learn it and feel passionate about it when talking to others. I took lessons from Timothy and from our clients about which products were the “must-haves” and in just a short time I took home my first bottle of Premier Max-B vitamins.

I had learned from Timothy and in my reading about vitamin B deficiency, how like many vitamin deficiencies these days, vitamin B deficiency runs rampant and can potentially have very serious health consequences. At my age, I wasn’t overly concerned about serious health consequences, but more interested in feeling the positive health benefits in my day-to-day life. Feeling tired or low-energy? Add B vitamins. Feeling blah, anxious, depressed? Try B vitamins. Support your heart, your brain, your mood and your body’s ability to rejuvenate itself by adding B vitamins. I was sold!

From the first time I took home B vitamins, I have been a loyal supporter. My energy certainly increased and my mood as well. Friends and clients have come back to me and told me how much their bodies responded to adding Premier Max-B. However, none of the stories impacted me so much as when my sister, Caitlin, began taking them just a couple of months ago.

For some years, Caitlin has suffered with incredibly low energy and depressed mood. She recently went to the doctor for an overall health exam and blood test. She left feeling frustrated at the lack of information she received from her doctor about her health and her feeling that something could be wrong. We talked one day about her trip to the doctor and I suggested she try Premier Max-B vitamins (this was not the first time I suggested this but Caitlin’s system is very sensitive and she’s often afraid to put anything into her body). She ordered the vitamins from Timothy just a few days later, and about two weeks into her taking them I called her one evening to see how it was going. She said, “Sissy, I have been afraid to say this out loud because I don’t want to curse it…but I’ve been feeling REALLY good. I feel like myself again. I’m happy and energetic. I mean, I’ve always thought of myself as these things but now that I feel this way again I realize how much I have not been feeling good the past couple of years.”

Hearing my sister talk this way brought tears to my eyes. If you’ve ever loved someone and saw them suffer and then watched them as they came out of that dark cloud, you know what I’m talking about. For Caitlin, I know she’s aware there will be more she can do as she feels ready, but years of my own positive experience with Premier Max-B vitamins really could not even compare to her genuine and tender testimonial that evening.

Why Premier Max-B Vitamins

Premier makes live-source B vitamins that are non-synthetic. In most cases, your typical B vitamin is made in a lab is are far from natural. The vitamins are chemically synthesized molecules–typically from coal tar derivatives! These synthetic molecules mimic only one component of the many life-supporting nutrient complexes found in real, natural live-source B vitamins.


Also comes in a smaller size: Premier Max-B 2 oz  Try it!

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