A Holistic Approach to Natural Weight Loss

A Holistic Approach to Natural Weight Loss

Natural Weight Loss – Losing weight is possible when you take the whole body and whole person into perspective!

Here is a testimonial letter sent to me by one of my clients. My hope is that it will help anyone who is struggling with weight or diet issues. First I will let you read her letter, then I will comment on it and give some general diet and weight loss guidelines.

“A personal story…..

I have been overweight since I was about 10 or 11 years old. Mostly, according to my mother, baby fat. She really didn’t get concerned until my first stretch mark. It was immediately off to weight watchers and a very restrictive diet. I was very physically active at this time, but still did not lose weight. Probably had a lot to do with the fact I couldn’t stay on the diet and often had very sweet snacks at school and with friends. I was hungry all the time. I began to feel the first feelings of failure at this time. I just couldn’t seem to make expectations. It was up and down for the next 20 years. Diet doctors, the latest diets (which according to the AMA were just perfect), and dismal failure. Each time giving up a bit more.

Actually for about 5 years I did give up. I went from 180# to about 360-370# (the scale was not accurate past 330). Needless to say this was about the lowest point of my life. I was a miserable person to be around, allergies were constant, and I was always very tired.

I started my healing journey about 5 years ago. First I began healing my self-esteem and promptly lost about 20#, then I began healing my soul (with the help of Timothy) and lost about 30#. I held there for about 3 years. It was actually nice not to gain weight, though I did dream about losing it. About 12-18 months ago, I began my personal quest of learning about getting healthy, still with the undertones of losing weight. I looked at all of the protein diets which worked a bit, but I got dehydrated and a bit sick in my gastrointestinal tract. Also these diets were proponents of fat-free and sugar-free substitutes. Lots of chemicals. At a bit of a loss, I get this letter in the mail from my old friend Timothy. He has a new web site. My quest continues. After reading the entire library, I begin to realize I have been going about this all wrong. I had been so concerned about losing weight that I lost track of getting healthy. Actually, trying to lose weight had made me more unhealthy.

I started with a urinalysis and thyroid test. Low and behold the tests showed low thyroid function and some enzyme deficiencies. I committed myself on May 18, 1999 to get healthy. I have spent the last three months concentrating on getting rid of the chemicals in my foods (the first thing I got rid of was soda), eating fresh whole foods, no more microwave, and most of all taking care of me.

“Has she lost weight?” you may ask. As a matter of fact yes, I have lost close to 30 lbs or more during this time. As Timothy told me, losing weight is a natural function of a healthy body. A healthy body will get rid of excess stores. My allergies are gone, my skin is clear, and my temperament has really taken on a joyful exuberance, even my co-workers and friends have said so.

This is my story, it has no end. Every day I make decisions about what to put in my body. Good Luck to anyone who is working to get healthy. And for those of you trying to lose weight without regard to getting healthy, take a look at what you are doing to your body.

Love and light,


Response from Timothy:

We can all learn a lot by what Deb has shared. Like Deb, many people have found that diets provide only temporary solutions, if they help at all. I think Deb is having long term success because she took a holistic approach. She has made fundamental changes in her life on all levels, including spiritually. She stopped looking for easy, instant answers. Deb has also followed her own personal, inner voice. She is on a journey to find her innate wholeness.

Becoming whole, body, mind, and soul has been her main desire, not losing weight. Most doctors and educators tend to take a very narrow approach when someone has a health problem like being overweight. They limit the calorie intake, and/or try to force the body to lose the weight. Most people who are overweight are starving for nutrients. If their lives are out of balance, physically or otherwise, then their bodies will resist these methods.

The correct way is to provide the body with all essential nutrients, and to help the whole person to heal. This is a very individual process. There can be many different things contributing to the overall condition that supports a body being overweight. Many aspects must be explored. I find that addressing a person’s spiritual life is an integral aspect to turning around a person’s health and life. For Deb this was very important and played a major role in her losing weight. When the whole body is healed, it naturally moves toward equilibrium, it does not need to be forced.

In almost all healing, it is wise to take the focus off isolated symptoms and narrowly focused results, like losing pounds. The whole body, whole person approach works very well. I will now offer some general nutritional advice for people that want to improve their health, including losing weight: It is wisest to eat whole foods not manufactured “foods.” If you are trying to lose weight, I suggest instead of depriving your body, that you eat exactly what is good for you, as if you were the perfect weight.

For this to work, the foods you eat have to be healthy. It is best to eat organic foods, and to eat food as close to its natural state as possible. Meats, fish, and poultry should be well-cooked, but not overcooked or blackened. I strongly recommend organic meats only, as animals are highly susceptible to contamination through un-natural diet, cramped and germ ridden housing conditions, hormone and antibiotic injections, improper storage and handling of the meat, etc.

Organic eggs are a wonderful source of protein. They are easily assimilated and used by the body. I recommend cooking them over a low temperature with a cover, and not breaking the yolks until you are ready to eat them. The yolks contain an abundance of nutrients, and although contain cholesterol, studies claiming that they actually raise serum cholesterol, in your body, are refuted by other data that suggest fats can be eaten in a healthy way when avoiding sugars, excessive starchy foods, and other foods and toxins.

Vegetables can be eaten raw or cooked. I also recommend organic vegetables and fruits whenever possible, but being too strict here will limit one from enjoying the wide range available. Many crops will only be sprayed once or so a year; although it is also true that organic foods have been shown in numerous studies to contain a much, much higher content of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, etc. than their supermarket counterparts.

A small amount of bread is okay, but it should be organic and whole grain (gluten free is best). Sugars and unnatural sugar substitutes should be avoided. Sugars and carbohydrates are the biggest causes of most people’s weight problems. Many overweight people are actually deprived of the proper fats that they need to regain their health. So the general advice to limit all fats, which is intended to reduce body fat and arteriosclerosis, can have just the opposite effect. It is important to keep healthy oils and fats in your diet, like coconut and olive oil.

All forms of soda should be strictly avoided. Real fruit juice is okay, but very little should be drunk, and it is best diluted with pure water. Plenty of pure water should be taken before meals and upon rising. A general rule is at least a half hour before meals or two hours after, of course varying upon the size of the meal and the quantity of the liquid to be consumed. If you want to lose weight, go very light on dairy foods and cheeses. I would highly suggest a whole food supplements like found in our natural health store.

Of course this is only a small section of tips on foods and on eating. Many more ideas can be gained from reading through the different areas of my websites, including the health information library, the natural health store, etc.

Be sure to check how well you are digesting your food (the 24-Hr Urinalysis enzyme test I offer is optimal for this need). For nearly everyone, the chances are high that you will need to take digestive enzymes with your food. This is one of the most important keys to losing weight, or to improve any health problem.

Well, that is the general idea. I hope you go away realizing this: It is possible to lose weight. It doesn’t have to be incredibly costly. You do not need special diets, diet pills, dangerous stimulants, hormones, and the like.

Wishing you good health always,

Timothy Long

For anyone with weight issues, I recommend we begin with Dr. Loomis’ 24-Hr Urinalysis Plus Consult and/or a Sanesco Neurotransmitter Test.

There are often emotional and other factors involved with weight issues. Consider counseling by video with Timothy Long, visit his website here.

LNH Team

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