7 Tips to End Self-Sabotage for a Happy, Healthy Life

7 Tips to End Self-Sabotage for a Happy, Healthy Life

Is there something you’ve wanted to start for some time (for years, maybe) that you’ve tried and tried again to start but have not come through for yourself? Maybe you started, felt excited for a few days or weeks, but life got in the way and your new intention fell by the wayside. This could be an exercise program, a plan to eat healthier at home, take your vitamins regularly, practice self-care, read bedtime stories to your children or anything else that feels like an important practice in your life that you haven’t quite been able to establish as a habit.

Most people call this self-sabotage. Mastin Kipp, the founder of The Daily Love calls this self-protection. We start something big in our lives and then we allow other things to become more important and we sabotage our inner voice, or as Mastin Kipp believes, we protect something deep within.

In his article Bust Through Self-Sabotage posted earlier this week, Mastin provides insight and tips for breaking through self-sabotage for creating the happy and healthy life you are meant to live.

In an excerpt from Bust Through Self-Sabotage, Mastin shares:

You see, you don’t self-sabotage – you just don’t trust that you will be safe if you keep going. It makes a lot more sense to think about it this way. We are afraid of success because we don’t think that we can survive it. We are afraid of being vulnerable again because we don’t trust that we won’t be emotionally violated again.

We are terrified to leave a job that sucks our soul or a relationship that is toxic because we don’t trust in our own ability to be resourceful. And we don’t trust in our Higher Power to provide for us in ways we can not even yet imagine.

The cure for self-protecting behavior is as follows:

  1. Put your faith in Something Greater than just yourself. Know that you are guided in every step by The Uni-verse.
  2. Find a role model who is already successful doing what you want. Then, do what they do. Learn from the best.
  3. Train your mind to find the good in what’s gone wrong. There is always a larger lesson for you to learn, even in life’s worst case scenarios.
  4. Allow yourself the time to feel your feelings fully. If you try to change your behaviour without feeling your feelings – you will hold yourself back. You can’t do this alone, find a great coach or therapist to help you get them out. Also, Kundalini Yoga does wonders at this.
  5. Try again. We chose our failures by choosing to stop trying. Get back up and keep making the attempt.
  6. Know that no matter what happens – when you follow your Heart – you will always be taken care of. Trust that and when you get scared rely on your faith.
  7. Rely on your faith: learn to see fear as a friend and a compass showing you where to go. Fear isn’t the enemy. It’s just your brain trying to protect you. You don’t need protection from your dreams, what you need to courage to bring them about. Be a person of courage.

These tips should help you get well on your way towards getting past what many call “self-sabotage” and what I call “self-protection.”

Your dream life, your happiness, your fulfillment and your Higher Power are waiting for you to have just a little more faith in yourself and a little more courage to see things through.

Thanks, Mastin. Check out the full article here.

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