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3 Ways to a Joyful Christmas Holiday

3 Ways to a Joyful Christmas Holiday

The holiday season can feel like a magical time of year. Homes and stores are decorated in an abundance of festive decorations, twinkling lights cover your neighborhoods and depending on your personal traditions, your home may smell of baked goods and you may have gifts under the tree. Our senses are alight with the pleasures of the season.

On the other hand, the holiday season can also be stressful and draining. We may feel resentful about the cost of the season or have the sense that there is always more to do in terms of chores and shopping and cooking for others. If you’re not feeling the joy of the season, you’re not alone. Here are three ways to feel inspired and joyful this Christmas holiday:

  1. Make time for yourself. At this time of year, we’re thinking so much about others wants and needs, that we have a tendency to abandon ourselves. Doing something for yourself in a peaceful, quiet space, allows you to center and reconnect with yourself. Recommendation: Turn off the television, find a comfy chair and spend 15 minutes journaling. Give yourself permission to complain, but balance it with reminders of everything you’re grateful for in this moment.
  2. Ask for help. Are you hosting a gathering at your home this year? If you are, or even if you’re not, many of us tend to take on the burden of doing most of the holiday work ourselves. Cooking, cleaning, shopping, wrapping gifts, laundry….Whatever the chore may be, it’s too much for one person. Trust that others want to help and can do the job well. Recommendation: Ask for help, then let go.
  3. Connect with others. Have you ever thrown a party or gone to a party and kept yourself so busy as the host or helping the host that you leave feeling tired and disconnected, rather than nourished and connected? It is too easy to stay busy during the party. Fight the urge to “do” constantly. Recommendation: Sit down next to someone and engage in conversation. Sharing favorite holiday memories brings the spirit of the season to life.

Long Natural Health wishes all of our friends and family a happy, healthy and safe holiday season!

LNH Team

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